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Aug 10, 2009 10:33 AM

Challenge! Late night lounge for me and 14 year old stepdaughter

Hi Everyone,

I'm bringing my 14 y/o stepdaughter into the city to see a show and spend the night. She wants to "go out" after the show with her cool stepmom :)

I'm looking for a place that is kind of loungey and fun, but that obviously isn't a bar because she can't go there. Maybe someplace with couches and chairs instead of tables, where we could hang out and get some small plates and I could get a cocktail. We're in the LES, but since we're going to be up midtown for the show anywhere that is in the general path between there would be fine.

Help me so I can make my girl feel like hot sh** with a night on the town. :)

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  1. my first thought is definitely the Stanton Social.

    Stanton Social
    99 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002

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      1. re: kathryn

        Immediately thought of Stanton Social as well.

    1. Try one of the desert places like Max Brenner. There is on on 2nd at 8th

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        sounds to me like the OP wants to make her stepdaughter feel as though she's being treated more like an adult with a special ladies' night out on the town. personally i don't think there's anything hip or loungey about Max Brenner -it's a touristy place that's much more fun for younger kids, not teenagers who want to feel like they're being taken seriously.

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          The one on 2nd and 9th closed, and Max Brenner definitely more of a kids' joint than a fun, loungey, adult cocktail lounge. She'll feel like she's eight, when she wants to pretend she's 18.

          1. re: kathryn

            Exactly: want to make her feel like she's having a "grown-up" experience. Even though that would typically be me on the couch at 9 pm sleeping!! :)

            1. Bars attached to restaurants are going to work best--if you're in Midtown, the Bar Room at the Modern might work. For LES, try the aforementioned Stanton Social, maybe Freemans, Allen & Delancey?

              1. Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar
                Bar Artisanal
                The Volstead


                1. Stanton Social sounds good but cafeteria also looks fun...I haven't been to either. Is she going to be overwhelmed by SS? Is cafeteria not "cool" enough? Is she going to be able to sit in the lounge at either? Thanks for so much great input, I am still checking out all your suggestions so keep them coming!

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                    Stanton Social felt more lounge-y to me than Cafeteria did. Cafeteria has a cool downstairs area, but it still felt much more like a restaurant and less like a lounge. Stanton Social has a lounge/bar area upstairs with couches, although I'm not sure if you can order food up there. Can someone confirm?