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Aug 10, 2009 10:15 AM

Advice on Chelsea spots I have not yet tried - need one for tonight

I live in the area but have not yet tried Klee, Cookshop and Trestle on Tenth. Anyone want to weigh in on which one of these three is best? Feel free to offer other suggestions - I frequent Gascogne, Red Cat, Suenos, Safran - so I am looking to check out something new to me.

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  1. I haven't been to Klee, but I would rate Cookshop better than Trestle on Tenth. Trestle on Tenth is fine... nothing wrong with it, but I felt like Cookshop was more inspired and did more with local, fresh ingredients.

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      I too have never been to Klee, but I do prefer Trestle to Cookshop. I prefer the food at Trestle, it's not such a zoo as Cookshop and there is always the back garden on a warm evening.

    2. I haven't been to Klee, but I love both Cookshop and Trestle on Tenth. I like Trestle on Tenth if I am craving very hearty meat meals and would prefer sitting in a more quiet atmosphere, especially the garden. Cookshop is louder and busier but the food is always great although service is sometimes absent or hurried.

      1. As I've noted many times on this board, I was very disappointed with our one dinner at Cookshop. So-so food, dismissive service, and something I was totally unprepared for -- a loud noise level.

        I very much enjoyed our one lunch at Trestle. Sat in the lovely garden. Tasty food and good service.

        Not been to Klee.

        Further east and south in Chelsea, I highly recommend Bar Breton, on 5th Av., b/t 28th & 29th Sts. Delicious food, efficient service, and attractive, comfortable atmospherics.

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          RGR - I always value your advice. You seem to like the same places I do. Bar Breton is over near my office and I've been meaning to try it for lunch. Need to stay further west tonight. Have you done 5 Ninth or Bar Blanc Bistro?

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            I'm honored that you value my advice. :) Of course, it helps that we are simpatico with regard to restaurant choices. No, I have not been to either 5 Ninth or Bar Blanc. However, Bar Beton has easily become one of our favorites. As you may know, the chef/owner, Cyril Renaud, previously owned the late Fleur de Sel, which was among our top favorites. Although the food he is serving at Bar Breton is more rustic in nature than the "haute" style at FdeS, it is just as delicious. Since it is so convenient for you, do give it a try, if not tonight, then sometime soon.

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              You've convinced me - I am going to lunch at Bar Breton ASAP. Klee was a sweet little spot with nice wine choices and service. We shared a few of the small plates which were good but not great. Thanks again!

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                BB is great...Make sure to try one of their ice creams!