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Aug 10, 2009 10:00 AM

Good/Cheap caterer in Hollywood for pool party 50 - 70 people. Hor d'heurves

Hey folks.

Any suggestions on a good caterer in the Hollywood area that cheap, but yummy? I am hosting an afternoon engageme nt party/pool partyfor my sister. Hor D'heurves only, but would like to serve something nice.


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  1. Hmm - when it comes to catering, I think you get what you pay for. Have you considered ordering from a place like PORTO's bakery and getting an assortment of their delicious appetizers - potato beef croquettes, little chicken or chorizo pies - I've ordered these for parties of 80-100- pick up the day of the party, and they rewarm beautifully. And it won't break the bank. Good luck!

    1. I recently had Monrose Catering (Malibu and Calabassas) cater a party. Appetizers only were about $15 per person (not including labor charges). I highly recommend them. The food was delicious and the staff was wonderful.

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        Provisions LA is run by Lisa Feinstein, who lives in Silver Lake. She has done parties for me and can adjust cost from medium-upscale to semi-desperation. She can do anything, but hits the most pleasure buttons with comfort food. THE BEST fried chicken, cornbread, etc. Google Provisions LA and she will come up.

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          A hearty second for Provisions! I attended a Hollywood birthday party of about 50 people and her Italian themed food (Mozzarella bar, sausage casseroles, bruschetta, etc) was a huge hit. I was concerned that more people were talking about the food than the birthday boy ;>)

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. HEIRLOOM L.A. did a terrific event for us. everyone loved the food and we cannot believe how reasonable it was. can't wait for them to chef a private dinner for us. these individual lasagnas he did for us were amazing.

          SHARLENE GRIFFITH coordinated the event for us and it was totally worth it for us to enjoy our guests and have everything taken care of for us.

          1. The coolest engagement/reception party I remember reading about was from tokyoasrtogirl. She hired a guy to make fresh carne asada tacos. He brought the grill, meat, tortillas, etc. and made tacos to order for everyone. As he was preparing it, the smells brought everyone together.

            The preparation and smells that she explained, and the novelty of it won me over. If I ever have an event like the one you're planning, I'll seriously consider this option.

            You may be able to find her original post. Or alternatively, you can probably go to a taco truck you like and ask if they do events.