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Craving a biscuit!

Have already had them from PANN'S, HUCKLEBERRY and JOHN O'GROATS. Thinking HONEY KETTLE'S or CLEMENTINE'S? Thoughts/Suggestions?

Additionally, does anyone know how the homemade white bread is at AL GELATO?

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  1. No biscuit is as good as the ones sold at Surfas. Go to SURFAS and pick up a pack of their frozen "72 layer biscuits" - I'll warn you now, they are pricey but worth it. If you want to taste it first, go to their cafe area and order the 72 layer Biscuit with Kurobata Ham. You will eat every delicious buttery bite! And then buy a second one!


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      Sorry to offer a less enthusiastic reply, but I bought a pack of the frozen 72 layer biscuits and most of them are still sitting in my freezer. They're okay, but not great. I'm a huge biscuit lover and while these are definitely worthy of a try -- and perhaps high up on the frozen scale -- I didn't find them nearly on par with good restaurant versions, or the ones I make from scratch.

      Believe it or not, though service and food can be wildly mixed in general, I've had several amazing biscuits at the Waffle on Sunset in Hollywood.

      Another great one is at Quality Food & Beverage on 3rd St.

      Also, not traditional, but BLD has a killer cream cheese and chive one.

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        BLD Restaurant
        7450 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

        Quality Food & Beverage
        8030 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

        The Waffle
        6255 W Sunset Blvd Ste 105, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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          Thank you for this. I've had the one at QUALITY - tasty. I have to have my biscuits with jam so probably won't go with the BLD one but thank you for the suggestion!

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            Second the Quality Food & Beverage recommendation. Very good biscuits there.

        2. The buttermilk and chive biscuits at Julienne are quite good, esp. when paired with their fresh made lemon curd.


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            Aaaaaah, the lemon curd at Julienne's...

            1. re: liu

              Yeah, that curd could make a shoe leather taste good ...

          2. Definitely try the Clementine biscuits! You can also get them with shaved country ham.

            1. Different but good also, here we go, Popeye's. I know I am gonna get beat up but I like them.

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                I inhale Popeye's buttery biscuits like they are cookies. I love them! Only fast food biscuit I can eat.

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                  Beat up? Are you kiddin'?
                  Pop's biscuits Rock!

                  1. re: Ciao Bob

                    Thought some people might think I was slummin it? Is it $3.99 or $4.99 a dozen?

                2. I've heard the Williams Sonoma par bake biscuits are amazing.
                  I have never tried them myself however I trust the bread lover who told me this.
                  You can order them online.

                  1. What do all you people have against driving down to Pann's? They offer the best biscuits in Los Angeles -- better, alas, than many in the New South. Incidentally, some hotshot lawyer with the right attitude should sue Pann's for manufacturing that terrible cream gravy.

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                      Ain't nobody got nothin' against drivin' down to Pann's, 'cept the OP started by sayin' they'd already tried 'em and where else could one find such fine Southern style biscuits here in the Southerland, I mean Southland.

                      Now, if one were wantin' to drive south a short while for write-home-about biscuits, well then the ride to the Gaffey Street Diner in San Pedro may just be worth the trip.

                      Gaffey Street Diner
                      247 N Gaffey St, San Pedro, CA 90731

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                        Gaffey's sausage studded gravy is much better than their biscuits (unfortunately).

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                          Gaffey St. is just too "cakey" and not "biscuity" enough for me. You may want to peruse this prior post (and look at the remainder of the replies beneath it) by Ipsedixit: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5776...

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                            So ... did you ever get to try the B&G at Millie's?

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                              I would have definitely posted about it if I had. I just get east so infrequently. Maybe over the next couple of weeks I'll do a trip out there for this specific meal as I plan to take a few weeks off for battery recharge.

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                              "Cakey" is the big problem at S&W, too, even more than the oddness of their being baked like a panful of cinnamon rolls. Look, a yeast roll is NOT a biscuit, and to call it one is as wrong as calling a fish fried chicken. Period.

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                                Big article about biscuits in today's LAT Food section. Three recipes, one including YEAST! Boo! Stop the madness!

                                They did mention a now-defunct "Southern"-themed restaurant called Georgia whose biscuits and cornbread apparently came from commercial mixes. I remember being in the North Hollywood Lamplighter one day and thought I'd try the biscuits and gravy. "Sorry," the waitress said, "the bread guy didn't deliver any today." That was it for me and the Lamplighter.

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                                Thanks for this. Yes, did a search beforehand. I eat mine with just preserves so am looking for a biscuit that sans the gravy. Thank you for indulging me!

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                                  I am willing to bet that any of the places that offer biscuits with gravy would leave off the gravy and let you do the butter and preserves thing in lieu of the savory approach. Just a thought.

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                                    Might not be that good with jam (although maybe it would) but also wanted to throw Huckleberry's maple bacon biscuit out there.

                                    1. re: mollyomormon

                                      I actually had it with jam and it was DELICIOUS!!!!

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                                        My buddy Sam keeps telling me that Huckleberry's has one of the best breakfasts in town. (I usually try to avoid going that far west, but I may need to make an exception to try this place.)

                                        1. re: David Kahn

                                          I've loved everything I've had so far. I've got my eye on their sweet corn cornmeal cake or their yellow cake with chocolate frosting as my next treat. I do consider their maple bacon biscuit a scone and not a biscuit as it is dense with a crunchy bite and not soft at all. Just as delicious but if you don't like scones at all you may not like this.

                                          1. re: bruinike

                                            A word of warning, that yellow cake with chocolate frosting is CRAZY addictive. Really good and not too sweet. And I typically don't like buttercream-y frosting!

                                2. re: wutzizname

                                  Definitely not to my liking, too cakey.

                              3. i am a biscuit lover and have to throw out PHILIPPES downtown (http://www.philippes.com/)

                                it's served ONLY at breakfast (ends at 10:30a IIRC) and you can get three for under $2. I usually get mine with bacon and make a little sandwich!

                                and NICKEL DINER also serves a good biscuit (not as good as Philippes maaaaybe? hm, i need to go back!) and with jam too! (http://www.5cdiner.com/)

                                1. Not a biscuit connisour (I love KFC, if that tells you anything), but I can vouch for the white breat at Al Gelato. Soft, spongy, makes a great cheese sandwich!! (I don't know why that's all I make with Al Gelato bread)