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Aug 10, 2009 09:47 AM

Natural Disaster Party

I'm doing a natural disaster themed party. Hurricanes, flash floods, volcano, earthquakes, heat waves, etc. What are some good ideas for themed foods?

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  1. Chocolate volcano cake.
    Pound cake (baked in loaf pan) with the characteristic crack (i.e. fault line) across the top
    Maybe you could simply change the names of some regular foods and give them disaster-themed monikers (e.g. hurricane stew).
    There are also cocktail recipes with "hurricane" and "tornado" in the names.

    Of course, there's always bottled water and canned goods!

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    1. re: nofunlatte

      Serve some Mudslides alongside those Hurricanes.

      1. /google earthquake cake. never made it, but it is a popular recipe.

        mashed potato volcano of course.

        Anything spicey for a heat wave

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        1. re: jsaimd

          And very dry martinis for a drought.

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            I've made the Earthquake cake many times. It's easy and delicious. I would also suggest a Lava Dip, which is just a melty cheese dip with tomato and hot chili peppers. Spicy!

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              I didn't get it, so I looked up and found this I agree now

            2. "Tornadoes" of beef with Bearnaise sauce.