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Aug 10, 2009 09:33 AM

Pizzeria Libretto-Short Review

Decision time last night for my daughter's last meal while visiting me here. Zucca, her fave, as well one of mine. Yang's, would be our first visit, but so many positive reviews here, put it high on our list, Terroni, which she enjoyed on her last visit. We decided on Pizzeria Libretto. I was planning on a long wait, but we were seated in about 10 minutes (7:00PM Sunday), place was bustling. We were seated at a communal table, and greeted warmly by our server. The prix fixe seemed like a great deal, as it included, bruschetta, salad, pizza and desert, a bargain at $25.00pp. I am not sure if this is daily, but it worked for us.
Service was great, food arrived promptly, and my daughter(15) enjoyed the conversation more so of our tablemates than myself... Teenagers!
I would definitely return, maybe in the fall as the temperature inside matched the humid weather outside. All in all a worthwhile venture.

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  1. Funny, I probably saw you as I walked in to get take out around that time. I had been to Terroni the night before and since I found myself in the area on Sunday night I decided to try Pizza Libretto again and ordered pretty much the same pizza I had at Terroni the night before. Overall, I think the Terroni pizza was a better pizza but I would return to both places.

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      Went last Friday and was expecting to wait awhile. It was longer than anticipated since the place had open for a few months now? We waited over an hour. The pizza is good. The crust is quite unbelievable. The four of us each ordered a pizza so we could all share and try different pizzas. Our favs were House-Made Sausage & Pingue Prosciutoo & Argula pizzas. The ingredients are really fresh. The service was really good. Personally, I found the pizza good, but not worth the wait for over an hour. It's a place I would go back to if there is no line up. Terroni's pizza are good too but I think I prefer Mercatto's more because there are more choices.

      1. re: babybluepowder

        Have not tried Mercatto's. Location?

          1. re: pescatarian

            I've been to all three and have to say that Terroni has far more pizza choices than Mercatto... in fact, probably two or three times as many. Having said that, both are quite good and I also agree with the comments above that Libretto tops them both.

            The wait isn't so bad... give them your cell # and go for some drinks down the street. At least you don't have to wait in a line...

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              Thanks for clarifying that SMOG. I haven't been to Terroni for a few years. I recall the menu being very short compared to Mercatto's before so I just kept going to Mercattos. I just went online to compare and was surprised to see how long the menu is at Terronis now. Wow. I should got back and try it out again. It looks like Mercatto's menu is shorter now. I like both too, for the food and atmosphere. I should use that strategy next time and get a drink close by. Thanks!