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Aug 10, 2009 09:30 AM

Juice Bar - The original bubble tea lady is back

If you remember the old Food Court in Chinatown that was closed when they renovated it into the Avana Lofts condos, you'll remember the Juice Bar stand where they sold bubble tea. That stand now has its own place just next to the old Food Court location on 40-44 Harrison, right next to Eldo Cake house. Same little old lady owner, same fresh fruit bubble tea, etc.

I think this was mentioned in the Food Court in Chinatown thread ( but I didn't understand that they were talking about a new standalone shop and not the space they shared briefly on Tyler St. with Royal Palace.

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  1. I had a blueberry shake from them on Saturday and it was quite good. Not overly sweetened, slightly creamy (from whole milk, I think), fresh blueberries.

    I also got an order of the fish balls in curry sauce. Pricey at $2 for 5 of them, but they were really tasty. The sauce is definitely the right type of sauce, as you would find in the small food vendors in HK. I've seen several small eater\ies or snack food places try to recreate this here, and the sauce usually isn't up to par.

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      I had a papaya-passion fruit juice last week, and it was really delicious and fresh-tasting. I was curious about the fish balls, so I'm glad they're good. I'll try them soon. $2 for 5 doesn't seem pricey to me.