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Aug 10, 2009 09:21 AM

Victoria - large group

I know there's a thread re Victoria already but... I'm taking a team to the dragon boat festival this weekend. We're from Calgary and we would like to go out for a team dinner on Saturday night. We could have anywhere from 15 - 25 people. Is there a place downtown, within walking distance of Paul's Motor Inn, Traveller's Inn and the Fairmont Empress to have a nice dinner?

Looking for a place with a bit of variety and not too exotic as people's tastes are diverse. Midrange for price and causal dress.

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  1. Office Broccoli:

    This would not be my recommendation but a group I know were out in Victoria for a rowing competition and they ended up at Il Terrazzo which is not one of my favourites but they appearently enjoyed it. Just off Johnson so fairly centrally located.

    You are obviously going to new a reservation and if you are thinking of this week-end, good luck as you my need it given my experience on the week-end in Victoria.

    You may want to inquire about the pub fare and ability to pull tables together up the inner harbour at Spinnaker's or perhaps at the top of Bastion Square in the Irish Times.

    Perhaps another pub like Canoe on the Gorge Waterway.

    Not sure if Ferris' Oyster Bar and the like can accomodate that size group.

    You may end up with "chains" like Earls', Milestones and the Cactus Club off Government or Douglas Streets.

    1. Hi there,
      Primostrada Pizzeria (everyone enjoys a good pizza:) in Cook Street Village. About a 15 minute walk from the Empress (pleasant walk) I am not sure if they take reservations and they may for larger groups? Excellent Neapolitan style pizza, great service, coffee and desserts. Nice room for a pizzeria with a large wood burning oven flown in from Naples. I have had great experiences every time I have dined there. It is midrange for price and casual dress.

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