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Aug 10, 2009 09:17 AM

Good eats with kids near the L.A. County Zoo

Since our San Diego vacation was canceled, we decided to do day trips around L.A. We're headed off to the L.A. County Zoo today, and are in need of places for either lunch or dinner. We'll be traveling with our three boys (ages 6, 4, and 3). Any good eats in the area? All types of food are okay since we're all not picky. Just looking for something yummy. Thanks very much!

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  1. Right there with you - we take our son to the zoo too and are always looking for good eats.

    Try El Buon Gusto, they have really wonderful pupusas and other El Salvadorean treats (their platanos with sour cream is so delicius).

    And in general, I'd search around the Atwater Village area - there are some really good finds. Good luck!

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      Ah, I forgot to mention....there's also Baracoa Cuban in Atwater village...across the street from El Buon gusto. Canele is right there, and they serve brunch, but its a little pricier.

      Also, if you are coming up from the South on the 5, when you exit Glendale to head into Atwater village just go to the first light, make a U turn, and go up over the bridge. That immediately takes you over to Hyperion & Rowena....there's SO MANY restaurants over that side by Trader Joes....there's the Coffee Table with a casual laid back atmosphere. A few blocks over is KP's on Hyperion. Lots of inexpensive good eats.

      And of course if you are willing to go further west on Hyperion until you hit Sunset, then there's a ton of places to choose from.

      Your kids will worship you if you take them to Pazzo Gelato....and your spouse will too. Really amazingly good pistachio, or hazelnut gelato. Also make interesting specials like fig and balsamic vinegar gelato...

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        If you are talking about Vietnamese sandwhich KP's, its been closed for about a year now.

    2. Giamela's for subs on Los Feliz.
      Hugo's tacos ( which is a stand) followed with brownies from Sweets from the Soul , both on Glendale in Atwater.
      Eat Well on Brand in Glendale, decent diner fare nothing to write home about but very kid friendly

      1. The redone 9-hole golf course cafe is pretty nice. (just called "Eat" I think.) It's a hamburger stand with waitresses, covered seating and pretty extensive menu. I had a very big, very good hot dog. Eggs and bacon were good. It's also probably the closest place to the zoo that isn't in Griffith Park.

        On the north side of Los Feliz Blvd, just east of the 5.

        1. Where did you end up eating and how was it? We too have trouble finding something close to the Zoo and usually end up coming back over near home to eat.

          And the City of LA can only wish that the County would take over funding/owning the Zoo!

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            We ended up at El Buon Gusto. The pupusas were great! It was a great lunch/dinner at a good price. The kids had never had El Salvadorean food before and enjoyed it, too! We did try Pazzo Gelato...and it was some of the best gelato that we'd ever had. Thanks to Lynndsey Rigberg for the great recs!