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Aug 10, 2009 09:16 AM

CORRECTION: Charlie Rose Julie&Julia

In my area, it was supposed to be Friday but was pre-empted for pledge programming. So it's on Create repeats this afternoon and early evening - NOT later tonight. Mea culpa!

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  1. Actually, the retaping was on this morning at 6am (EST) on WLIWW (channel 132 on Cablevision) and, it will air again at 5pm tonight, same channel. Hope this gets out in time.

    1. Hopefully it will also eventually be available on Charlie Rose's site, although it currently says videos are temporarily unavailable while they migrate servers.

      1. Here in SF, They always air Charlie one day late, ie; Friday's show airs on Monday. So at noon, I was glued to the set. I want to have dinner with Norah Ephron and Meryl Streep!!

        1. I saw the program twice today. I wouldn't have thought it possible to like and admire Meryl Streep more than I already did, but she was wonderfully insightful, enthusiastic, and down-to-earth. She mentioned that her approach was to portray Julia as Julie imagined her to be, rather than including all the aspects of Julia's character that she had encountered in her research/preparation for the role.

          1. I get Charlie Rose a day late in Toronto too. The broadcasts are generally on his site the following day so it's odd it's not up yet (just checked). Anyway, the website is a good way to catch up on missed episodes. It was a good interview with both Ephron and Streep, and would be worth looking for if you're interested in the movie or Julia Child.