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Aug 10, 2009 09:11 AM

recommendations for countertop microwave convection oven??

We just moved into a new house with a new kitchen...and yet I don't have wall ovens or a microwave. How the builder could NOT think of that I have no idea. I currently don't have the funds to get a wall oven and microwave installed so I just have the oven under the gas range.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a countertop microwave that doubles as good convection--so that I may use it as my second oven if I need it?

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  1. I believe Sharp makes such an oven though I don't own one.

    1. We have the Sharp model which does both as well as acts as a steam oven. It's great! Originally it was purchased as an addition to our built-in Miele steam oven and, while it doesn't have all the Miele's bells and whistles, it does the job! As a microwave, it's 700 w. so I don't know if that would be powerful idea is, just cook it longer! It costs a lot less than the Miele so I wouldn't expect the same performance, but it certainly does the job and is a lot more versatile since it doesn't just do ONE thing!

      1. I've had a Sharp microwave since college - approximately 20 years and it has been a great product. I have moved countless times and it keeps working so I'd recommend the brand for sure (don't have a particular product though). Good luck.

        1. I'm quite happy with my Panasonic microwave/convection oven. Two of my friends at the office have the same model and are also happy with theirs.