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Aug 10, 2009 09:08 AM

Andre's Tea Room -- KC

Has anyone been to the Tea Room at Andres for lunch? It looks like they have two specials a day plus a couple of quiches for a fixed price ($14). I'm curious if this include beverage and dessert or just the entree. If anyone has been, how is the food? Is it a good value?

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  1. It includes a main, usually a couple of sides, and dessert. I've only eat at the Rivaz Tea Room, but we always enjoy ourselves. It's very ladies-who-lunch- sometimes you gotta elbow old ladies out of the way to get a table! ;-) I tend to think it's a little pricey for the type of food they serve- it's generally simple and more down-home. But, I feel better knowing that it includes a fancy dessert! They have a carrot salad that is so simple and so good- it always leaves me wondering what's in it.

    1. I eat there once per week. It is a bit on the expensive side for lunch.
      The quality has always been very good. I agree that you should get
      the carrot salad if available. Skip the green salad. That item is always
      lacking IMHO. Overall, a pleasant dining experience.

      1. I love Andres for lunch! Their daily specials are always good in my opinion and I enjoy the green salad. In fact, I've enjoyed pretty much anything I have had there. I think, if I am not mistaken, it includes a drink as well. Enjoy!

        1. i don't recall if that price includes a drink or not. But the quiche is always top notch, and they have wonderful desserts to take home with you on your way out the door. Can feel dated, but I prefer to think of it as typical European, where everything isn't remade in images every decade or so....