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Aug 10, 2009 09:08 AM

Halifax Donair & Pizza Co.

Hey guys

On Saturday night I took a cruise down to Milton to pickup 15 pounds of wings for our UFC party (From Wings Up!) and as I was driving down Main St. in Milton I noticed some new place had opened up.. (Well, new in the sense that I haven't seen it before) and it looked pretty busy.. It's just a white sign in a small restauraunt that said something like Halifax Donair's and Pizza Company

I know "authentic donairs" are something that has been discussed many times before, and I'm actually one of those people that's never even tried one... so I thought you guys might like to know about it.. I actually knew of another place at one time that nobody else knew of, it was a place in Orangeville that was supposedly the only place in the entire GTA that served real donairs... but sadly I've forgotten the name of it

Anyways, let me know if anyone tries it or knows anything about it. Hope this helps


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  1. I just drove by a soon to be open joint on Yonge, south of St. Clair called "Spinners-Shawarmas, Gyros, Donairs"-Man I can't wait to try this place b/c I haven't had a donair since my last trip home to Edmonton (donairs are really popular there). Hopefully, they will have an authentic donair so that I won't have to make my own donair meatloaf and sauce anymore!!!

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        1. If it is truly authentic, it will come slathered in a with a super sweet sauce. I had one last summer in Halifax. Although the donair itself was excellent, I can't stand that sauce. It's like a desert topping. I went back the next day and asked for tzatziki instead. Huge improvement. If you didn't eat them growing up in Halifax, you may find it very weird so consider the tzatziki or tahina if they have it.

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            Yeah I keep hearing about the sweet sauce.. Supposedly on your first bite you won't like it but it grows on you or something.. I think I would prefer tzatziki as well but who knows


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              I grew up in the Maritimes and my grandmother loved donairs and would treat us to them on occasion. I hated that sauce but somehow it grew on me and now I really like it. It can be made very easily with garlic powder, vinegar and sweetened condensed milk, which gives you an idea of how sweet it is.

          2. Nova Scotian donairs are amazing! I grew up in a small, mainly caucasian town and we didn't have the traditional lebanese kind of donairs - so these were a staple for summer eats on the curb - and donair eating contests. Its basically a grilled fluffy pita, topped with donair meat, head lettuce, cheddar cheese, onions, diced tomatoes and of course the sweet sauce that drips everywhere. (Bring lots of napkins and eat it over a plate) A lot of people here in Toronto don't like the sweet sauce - I guess its weird when they're used to the traditional garlicy sauce. But I love it because it keeps it juicy - never dry like the lebanese kind can sometimes be.

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              It sounds interesting, but since I've never even had one before, I wouldn't know if a donair here was good or not..

              Hopefully someone else who lives in Milton can check this place out


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                In the meantime, if you want a taste of Halifax donair, try College Falafel. My bf is from out east, and he swears by that place.