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Nov 9, 2004 04:08 PM

Cheesesteak in Burbank?

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Remember driving past a sign touting cheesesteaks in Burbank, but couldn't find it today. Went to Giamela's instead for a steak sandwich, which is not bad, but not a cheesesteak.

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  1. Maybe it was South Street, the new Philly place on Victory/corner of Clark where "Chef's TakeOut" used to be?

    Haven't tried it.

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    1. re: jillso

      Yeah, that's the one. After driving all up and down Buena Vista and Hollywood Way, it never occurred to me to try Victory. Duh.

      1. re: jillso

        it is really great (went there yet again for lunch yesterday. My boss is from Philly and he is more than approving of South Street.

        1. re: jillso

          Anybody know if this place is related to the South Street in Westwood?

          1. re: PeteEats

            It is. They also had a branch on Hollywood Blvd. for a time, but I think that went by the wayside.

            Most authentic Philly cheesesteak I've had in town.

        2. Is is called South Street and it's on Victory just north of Olive, on the west side of the street. My family loves the place. The sandwiches are great. The meat is tender and gooey with cheese. The rolls are soft on the inside and have a light crunch to the exterior. Not being from Philly, I can't speak to the cheese steaks authenticity, that being said, three out of the four times I've been there, other patrons in line have mentioned they're from Philly, as well as return customers to the shop. Also, do not miss the real, tender, tasty and not pre-packaged onion rings.

          1. I've been to the location at both Westwood and burbank and when they told me that they CHARGE FOR LETTUCE I wrote a nice little complaint letter on a roll of cash register tape. The perosn who worked there thought it was majorly stupid and said that the boss is VERY cheap and greedy. It's kind of bad when those who you pay slam you. So I've never been back. And even with the lettuce, it's sort of slimy, greasy (believe me, it's a cheesesteak - I'm not even aiming at healthy) in a way that made me feel very bad about myself before I even got to the last bite. I'm ashamed to admit that I like the chain cheesesteak place at Empire Center better than this place. If you're going to charge for lettuce, do we pay for napkins and ketchup too?

            1. Honestly, I was disappointed with South Street. They skimp on their meat, so you get what seems like half a sandwich's worth of meat in a full-size roll. I didn't have a problem with the flavor, just the value.

              I've been to another spot adjacent to burbank (in NoHo) that, IMO, blows SouthStreet out of the water. They know how to fill a roll, and the cheesesteaks are just as good. It's called Philadelphia Sandwiches on Magnolia (about a block past Vineland).

              11112 Magnolia Blvd
              North Hollywood, CA 91601
              (818) 985-4929

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              1. re: ozzygee

                I strongly second Philadelphia Sandwiches. I think their chicken cheesesteak is better than their regular cheesesteak. Their hours make it a hassle going there though.

              2. I thought South Street was horrible the one time I went there.