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Aug 10, 2009 08:42 AM

Los Arcos, Milford, CT - - Replaces the old El Torero site

I see that Los Arcos opened up in the former El Torero site between the upcoming Whole Foods and Costco on the Post Road in Milford. I know El Torero had a fire shortly after they vacated the premises to relocate so I was surprised that something else went in there, not to mention that I had read once that that location and the hotel behind it were going to be demolished to give Whole Foods more parking? Anyway, I'm curious. I couldn't find anything on the web and nothing on Chowhound other than JohnnyCT adding a blurb about a place with the same name in Waterbury that was a market with a set menu. So. . . if any of you go, do report back. I think the sign says something like Cali Mex--so wonder if similar to Baja's in Orange. I wonder if they remodeled the inside first. I remember years ago El Torero having squishy booths. Thanks!

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  1. I haven't been there yet. It's a Tlaxcala Mexican Restaurant and is open.

    Site is under construction but there's a pic of the outside of the place. Whole Foods is at the other end of that strip mall.

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      You know I saw the ad in the coupon book for this place after I posted the initial thread. Can anyone who has personally experienced it explain exactly what Tlaxcala-style food is? I can google it, but want a personal opinion.

    2. We went there last night (8/27/09). I called early in the day for a reservation as there were going to be 8 of us for dinner. When we arrived our table was ready.

      The inside is fairly similar to the old El Torero's but the color scheme is different.

      The food was very good. We started off with a round of beverages, 2 of us got sangria and they tailored it our tastes. We then ordered a plate of beef nachos and they were very good. The beef was shredded beef which was a nice surprise b/c most tex/cali/mex places around here use ground beef.

      For dinner I ordered the 2 combo enchilada plate one cheese and one beef. The beef was great, but the cheese was a little disappointing as it was not all melty and gooey the way I like them. But it was still tasty.

      My husband ordered the chimichanga and it was very tasty. One of our friends ordered the chile relleno an he said it was good, but again the chesse was not melted. And his wife ordered the app sampler for dinner and she finished every last bite! The kids all ordered off the childrens menu and cleaned their plates.

      We did not order desserts but they all looked GREAT especially the Tres Leches cake - next time I will save room for dessert!!!

      We spoke to one of the waitresses I wish I could remember her name -- but she had worked at El Torero many years and when they moved to Capt Thomas Blvd - she moved with them, but now she is at Los Arcos. She said that the Chef at Los Arocs is also one of the original cooks from the old El Torero days.

      I would say that menu is somewhat limited and has less offerings than the El Torero menu, but we all found what we wanted.

      The front booths look as small as they used to be - but the back room is nice and roomy.

      I'm not sure the link that shanna posted is for the place in Milford as the Los Arcos we went to last night was painted bright blue and there is no parking front of the building. And at the bottom of the website she posted it says 'Stone Mountain, Georgia'. I do hope that Los Arcos Milford gets a website quickly - and perhaps expands their menu just a little bit.

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        I think my first question would be "Were there Hispanics there?" Is this a Gringo place and Gringo food or what? How would you classify the style of food? Do they have any authentic dishes on the menu that says "Mexicans eat here", like menudo or lingua tacos?

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          Since they have only been open for 3 weeks the menu makes no notation of 'who' eats there.

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          The link in Shanna's post is indeed for the Georgia restaurant. While that link says "Under Construction", a little playing around revealed this:

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            StaceyW, I took all that info from an insert in the Milford paper yesterday listing all restaurants in this area. The ad says 1698 Boston Post Road Milford CT. The website listed in the ad says It was my mistake leaving out the word webs in the link. It does work. They do have a website.

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              Shanna ~~Thanks for posting the new link. I couldn't get it to work just by clicking on the link you posted but it worked when I copied and pasted.

              Thanks again!!!

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            1. I dined there last night. 9/23/09. I was am a big fan of the old El Torrero that used to occupy the site and of the "new" El Torrerro location in West Haven, CT. However, I must saddly admit, that since moveing to W.Haven, I believe El Torrero lost a little something. I can't put my finger on it, but it lost something. So when I found out that a new place opened at the old place (lol) I was cautiously optimistic. I concurr w/ Stacy W in that yes, the menu is a little limited. The fare reminded me of the "old" place so much that I commented to waitress that it reminded me of El Torrero. She reiterated that the Chef was one of the original owners of El Torrero. hen I say Michele, the waitress I think Stacy W was refering to and she filled in the details. So yes, the food is good, the menu is limited and the benches are just as tight as the old ones! I will look forward to sitting next to the fire place come this winter as I have done in the past. The room (s) are the same, despite her telling me the etire place was redone. new paint scheme, less artifacts. They pretty much cleaned it out when they moved to W. Haven. The margherita I ordered was un drinkable. Something about using fresh rasberries as opposed to a pre-mix. Hopefully the problem will be solved! Had the flam for dessert which was fantastic. Overall I would give it a B, w/ rom for improvement. But they have only be open for a short while.

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                A raspberry margarita? Really? What is a flam? Welcome to Chowhound... inquiring minds want to know.

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                  The writer obviously means "flan", a sort of "creme caramel", Spanish style.


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                  I have been a fan of El Torero for many years and continue to go to the new location in West Haven. Because I enjoy Mexican food I wanted to give Los Arcos a try, but I must say it doesn't compare to El Torero. I wish them luck and will visit them sometime.

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