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Hi all, I'm going to be in Redondo Beach Sat and Sun and since I have no idea what the area is like, I'm coming for advice from my chowhounds.

I'm staying at the Redondo Beach Marina Best Western, anything close by...looking for local and divey as opposed to dressy and expensive. Up for anything really.


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  1. One of my favorite places in Redondo Beach is Quality Seafood. It is basically a seafood market, where you can pick out lobsters, crabs, fish, and they steam it, fry it, grill it. Then you go out to the benches, wooden mallet in hand and start pounding and stuffing your face, alternately swigging cheap cold beer.

    Link: http://www.qualityseafood.net

    Image: http://www.qualityseafood.net/headers...

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      I'll second that recommendation.
      The only drawback, one to be aware of before you go, is that the tables are covered with bird dung. I mean it's discusting. You need to cover the seat and the table with alot of newspapers, which they kindly provide at no cost.

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        sounds good...

        also looking for a place I can eat good food and also spend the afternoon drinking beer.

      2. If you're looking for local, divey spots, you are perfectly located, half-way between King Harbor and Hermosa Beach.

        Elmomonster points out Quality Seafood---downstairs at King Harbor Pier, great people watching, good seafood eats. Just down the row is Naja's which, in my mind, is about as local/divey as R.B. gets. Lots of beers on draught, bar food, live music in the afternoons.

        A walk around the pier will give you tons of options. There are large (no-local-color) chain restaurants, like Kincaids, and small food stands.

        In the other direction (north), walk up to Hermosa Beach. You'll find several places on Hermosa Avenue as you get closer to Pier Avenue, and lots of bars and restaurants on Pier Avenue. I don't know if the Mermaid is still on the beach, but that's divey from way back.

        You have lots of options for the local scene; I think you'll know what you're looking for when you see it. Have fun.

        1. Joe's on PCH. Cross street is Carnelian (I think). Great neighborhood breakfast place. Always long lines on weekends. The Chicken fried steak is very good.

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            Hangover....................................it is all good baby!

          2. Good beer selection but dinner only -
            CZECH POINT
            1981 ARTESIA BLVD
            REDONDO BEACH

            Quality Seafood is fun
            130 S INTERNATIONAL BDWK
            REDONDO BEACH

            I haven't been here but I've heard it's ok - you takes your chances
            207 N HARBOR DR
            REDONDO BEACH

            If you haven't been to hawaii (or have been) and would like to try a plate lunch, check out this website and look at the "south bay" section for ideas. Mostly redondo but also adjoining communities.

            Link: http://www.dakine.net/guides/los-ange...

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              Samba is closed for some time now...

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                I just noticed the date of this post after I sent my entry... Nov., 2004...

            2. Sounds like a postmodern chow if I've seen one. Here are your casual, local, divey places (andsome that serve beer.

              1. Henessey's Tavern: there is one in Redondo (Riviera Village) and one in Hermosa. In Hermosa, you can eat on the outdoor balcony facing the ocean. Good pub food (and good breakfast, too). Standard beer on tap, but you can get a Black & Tan.

              2. Redondo Beach Brewing Co: also in Redondo's Riviera Village. Some of the best micro-brew around - the Hefeweizen, Blonde, and Rat Beach Red are quite good. For food, get the Southwest Penne Pasta, the Hickory Burger, or the Fried Chicken Salad. The fried mushrooms app is also tasty.

              3. Someone already mentioned Joe's for breakfast. That is a Redondo must-do for breakfast. Get the John Wayne Special or the Joe's Special...and buy a coffee mug!

              4. Good pizza at Pedone's in Riviera Village - buy it by the slice.

              5. Good Stuff - located in Redondo, Hermosa, and Manhattan Beach...local to the south bay. Not a dive, but very local and easy on the pockets. They do breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The chili verde is quite good. So is the Monte Cristo.

              6. LBJ (El Burrito Jr.) - on PCH in Redondo, just south of Knob Hill. This is walk-up window, divey, local Mexican food. It is NOT authentic Mexican, but they make big, cheap burritos and that's what people like. Get it to go or eat on the patio.

              If you want more ideas or have questions, you can get me at: jpups44@hotmail.com


              1. agree with czech point & joe's. also the original pancake house (1756 S Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach). older drinking crowd(45plus) at the bull pen(314 Ave I Redondo Beach), younger at hennessey's.

                1. i moved away from redondo about 5 years ago, so my opinion may no longer be valid. and i was broke when i lived there.

                  i was never a big fan of quality seafood, because the food was, well, not quality.

                  i love cj's pantry. they're only open for breakfast and lunch. great omelettes. catalena south of torrance blvd.

                  hennesey's is okay. nothing stunning.

                  there's a place on pch in hermosa beach that has hawaiian food. i can't remember what it's called, but it's around 13th and pch.

                  again, it was long ago. and poverty limits what you can eat.

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                    I don't see how you like CJ'S Pantry their coffee is horrible and the food very mediocre

                  2. I 2nd the Redondo Beach Brewing recommendation - great place, great beer and good food. Nice area to walk around as well. There is also Good Stuff in RB, I believe they have some drinks like mimosas there, the food is very good. Henessey's is really nothing to write home about - formula/chain place. You are near Hermosa too so there's a lot of good stuff there as well. I avoid the whole Pier experience, unless you want to go higher end and go to Kincaid's for seafood on the pier. It's the only place I like there.

                    1. Whether you're headed to Quality Seafood or not, you're not far from one of better stocked beer bars (with a leaning toward Belgians!) in LA - Naja's on the pier. The crowd can get kinda loud - hey it's the South Bay where the youngsters who are old enough to party do so wholeheartedly - but the beer selection numbers in the hundreds when combining the tap-drawn and bottled selections. There's usually small but fun bands playing there as well, and the food is decent. But just remember - it's all about the beer.


                      1. You're adjacent to some areas that offers great selections of Hawaiian, Japanese and Peruvian as well. All of these places I mention are neither divey nor cheap, but they aren't expensive and froo froo either...

                        If you're travelling with others, give these two relatively unique Japanese places a thought:


                        If you're interested in either of the above, it's best to make reservations as soon as possible. They reservations list fills up fast. For great udon that's very reasonably priced, try Kotohira in Gardena. Also, here's a Chowhound LA thread on some other Japanese finds:

                        1747 W Redondo Beach Blvd (NE corner of Redondo Beach and Western).
                        Gardena, CA 90247


                        For some great Peruvian, you won't have to blow your budget either.


                        For Hawaiian, there's a ton as well, but the most popular are these:


                        1. Does anyone have any updates on Redondo Beach? I'll be there in June, staying at the Portofino for a wedding, and will not have a car. I will try to make it out to Fishing with Dynamite and MB Post out in Manhattan Beach, but I was looking for something more local that I could potentially walk to for eating and drinking. Thanks!

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                            Down on the pier (walkable but you may want to take a hop in a cab) are Pacific Fish Center - it's a korean seafood joint that is slightly more expensive than it looks like it should be. The Santa Barbara spot prawns are in season - it's about $30-$35 for five - they super-deep fry the heads and bring the rest out as sashimi - it's all fresh killed so they wiggle a bit when you bite through them. One of the best things to eat on the planet. Good dungeness too, though they get pricey at the end of the season. Make sure to get a side of rice so you can mix it with the mustard in the shell.

                            Also, Izakaya Bincho is on the pier as well and I hear a lot of good things but I've run into the notorious 'izakaya nazi' issues associated with the place where he's there doing prep and tells you that he's not opening. Seems like the best bet might be to try it later.

                            If you feel like heading into the nearby town of Lomita I'm crazy for Hakata Yamaya. It's a yakiniku joint that specializes in intestine but they own their own ranch up in Oregon and all the beef is stellar quality at a great price. The set meals also come with motsunabe which is not an easy dish to find. Cheap Sapporo to boot. Reservations recommended.

                            Lots of people into the nearby Maruhide Uni Club. I haven't been but probably worth checking out if you're into uni.

                            Ignore the above recs for Quality Seafood. It's useful for takeout steamed crab or shellfish but kind of a shitshow.

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                              If you choose the pier and you enjoy craft beer, don't miss Naja's Place.

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                                thanks to all the quick replies! any opinions on whether i should try to go to MB Post or Fishing with Dynamite? are these "must-try" places while I'm in town?

                                1. re: purplesachi

                                  MB Post and FwD are a bit on the pricey side, and I would suggest MB Post is more of a "must-try" than FwD, but if you're looking for something unique to the area, then go to Torrance/Gardena and try some great Japanese places like Torehei, Musha, or Shin Sen Gumi.

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                                    If you are a seafood lover then FWD, great raw bar. I love the food also at MB Post. Great small plates. You can't go wrong at either.

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                                      A great tip I got from the hounds is izaykaya bincho for Japanese delights and brew. Quite tasty

                                      1. re: jessejames

                                        Izakaya Bincho is quite great...

                                        ... when it's open.

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                                    Make your way south to Riviera Village and there are some nice places to enjoy the weather, with passable food. Chez Melange and HT Grill have patio dining and decent fare.

                                  3. Good Breakfast at
                                    Original Pancake House-Redondo
                                    Martha's 22nd St Grill- Hermosa
                                    Uncle Bill's- Manhattan
                                    North End Cafe-Manhattan

                                    1. Seeing how you'll be staying at the Portofino Inn with no car, I would recommend Quality Seafood right there on the Redondo Pier. You pick it out, they'll cook it.

                                      It's not too far from you (closer than Manhattan Beach), but about a mile north on N Harbor Drive (turns into Hermosa Ave) is Hot's Kitchen. Cool casual place to hang out for drinks and grab some pretty good food. Also, a few addresses down from Hot's is Paciugo Gelato...excellent gelato selection.

                                      You may just want to take a walk down Hermosa Ave to the promenade and stroll around and check out the local hangouts.