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Aug 10, 2009 08:06 AM

Nighttown? (Cleveland)

I used to like Nighttown. Good prime rib. Good Dublin lawyer (lobster in a cayenne cream sauce). The last time few times I've been there, I vaguely remember being disappointed. It was a long time ago. That includes at least one meal when I had the Dublin lawyer and I think another meal when I had the prime rib.

I checked their menu and there were a few items that seemed interesting. Berkshire pork chops with spaetzl and chutney. Sirloin burger. Prime beef brisket. Bangers and mash. Some of the items suggest that they're at least using better ingredients than your average bar.

So, I'm definitely going to Nighttown to listen to some jazz. Which Nighttown am I going to? The one from many years ago with the delicious, hearty food where I should order something that sounds good? Or the one from only a few years ago where I should seek out the least likely to be screwed up dish, hold my nose and concentrate on the music?

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  1. Maybe it's just me, but everytime someone suggests going there I cringe. I have never had a decent meal there and service is always lacking. I've been twice for lunch and 3 times for dinner. Now, I just suggest somewhere else.

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    1. re: rockandroller1

      I agree. It is a shame because they get great musicians and the setting is special, but they do not concentrate on the quality of their food. Which coincidentally, I feel the same way about their neighbor, Mad Greek. Neat setting, but lackluster food at high prices. I would grab dinner somewhere else then go for the show.

      1. re: kathrynanne

        if it were me, I would go to pacific east (Coventry location) for dinner and then enjoy the music at NT with a cocktail. I like Anatolia cafe as well, but they have slipped a little from their original knee buckling glory. Mad Greek-never had a good meal there, but it has been so long, maybe they are better now?

        1. re: lyn

          Agree with kathrynanne, Mad Greek is just no good, and agree with lyn, Anatolia has definitely slipped since they moved, it's not worth the hour-long drive for us any longer.

          I'd eat at the Thai place on Coventry, can't remember the name but it is VERY good.