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Aug 10, 2009 07:42 AM

Good INdian Food IN Jax

I live in Jacksonville and would like to try Indian food. (I know - I can't believe I haven't had it either). Can anyone recommend a good place? We live in Riverside, but we can travel to any part of town.

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  1. Check out the review on August 03. There was an appealing review of India's Restaurant in Baymeadows. I have never been there myself but am heading down to Florida this very evening. We are eating there (based on this review --- so I hope it's accurate!) tonight and I will let you know my opinion as well. My boyfriend and I cook a lot of Indian at home (Plus he's from London) so we have high standards!

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        This place was FANTASTIC! And this is what we devoured:

        Pappadums with three dipping sauces (complimentary)
        Onion Bhaji
        Pea and Potato Samosos
        Lamb Biryani
        Tandoori Chicken
        Baigan Bhartha (maybe) - it was mashed, roasted eggplant with peas and potatoes

        The eggplant dish was smoky and creamy. My favorite by far. The onion bhaji's were super-moist and hot! The Samosas were perfectly hot and crispy. The Lamb Biryani had super-tender pieces of lamb. The only miss was the tandoori chicken, very bland and dry. But everything else more than made up for this problem. This was the best indian food I have ever eaten, with my limited experience. The boyfriend said it was as good as Indian Takeout in London. I think that is high praise indeed for a restaurant in FLORIDA!

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          Thanks for the report back! I'll have to go back there to try your dinner choices sometime soon. There is another Indian place I tried called Masala at the corner of Old St. Augustine and San Jose and they had fabulous food as well. They serve their rice slightly different, opting to garnish the white rice with peas and fennel seeds (I enjoyed this version better). I got the lamb vindaloo again, just so I could compare the two establishments in my mind, and am happy to report that they are very comparable. Masala was slightly hotter (I needed two servings of rice to finish my vindaloo) but India's Restaurant incorporated subtle hints of cilantro in the dish (my preference). I also got an order of poori (which I found to be similar to a Chinese youtiao despite the shape) or fried dough round. Another wonderful meal.

    1. I live in Tampa but used to travel up to Jax for meetings. There is a place called Cilantro a bit south of the city that was very good. Luckily for me it was near the client site so I could go and fill up once a month without much driving. I really liked the gobi manchurian.

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        I had read of Cilantro on other boards and looked forward to trying it, but after a little searching, think that Masala took its spot. See:

        That entire strip mall has a plethora of international tastes: Brazilian Honey Bakery (feijoada on Sat), Hiro-ya Korean, Hong Kong Bistro. Best eatings!