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Aug 10, 2009 07:41 AM

DuMont in Williamsburg

The reviews for this restaurant are fairly unanimously very positive.

I am going to Williamsburg with a friend this upcoming weekend, and I wanted a place that is somewhat busy and happening. Reasonable amount of women and a good bar scene while we wait would be nice.

Is DuMont that kind of place?

If not, any suggestions in the Williamsburg area for that kind of thing?

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  1. Yes DuMont would probably fill the bill pretty well but might not be quite the bar scene you are looking depending on exactly what you are expecting (can't tell from your comments).

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    1. re: dhs

      Not looking for anything to specific or crazy. Just looking for a fun, somewhat energetic atmosphere. Want to make sure its a spot that will be somewhat happening, not a place with older couples having dinner or filled with double-daters.

      1. re: mrnas

        I would not suggest you will meet people or mingle with others you did not arrive with at Dumont. It is a cool place with cool people running it and cool people dining there. It could be the definition of a hipster joint if there were not substance behind the facade. If you are young and hip, the Union Pool bar down the street may be more more of a scene you are after. There are a lot of bars not too far from there. DuMont is not really much of a bar scene in my mind but is an good place for a meal.

        1. re: dhs

          Ditto. While the crowd at Dumont is predominantly young (enough to make me feel old when I go their with my family) its not a "happening" place or singles scene...most people there are in groups, or couples. Young families too....but you will get a really good meal, and the drinks are good too.

    2. That's not the scene you're looking for. The food is pretty good though. I wouldn't get the burger anything less then medium. The mac 'n cheese is really great too.

      I'd recommend ordering the food to go and heading to the new bar across the street called Lucky Dog. They welcome outside food, its more the crowd you're looking for, and they sell beer by the pitcher at a decent price. The shady patio out back is a great place to hang on a lazy weekend afternoon.

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      1. re: jpgrace

        You seem to be talking about Dumont Burger, a Dumont outpost on Bedford. It seems the rest of the thread is addressing the main resaurant on Union.

        1. re: Silverjay

          Sounds like DuMont is pretty much what I am looking for. Thanks for all the input.