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Aug 10, 2009 07:35 AM

Evening Party w/Speaker for 150 in/near Downtown DC

I'm involved with a non-profit organization that would like to have a reception w/speaker for about 150 people on a Monday evening in October. Looking for a nice venue, vegetarian food display (not a full dinner, just apps), beer/ wine for around 30-45 per person. Must be in or near downtown- Penn Quarter, Downtown, Dupont, Conn/Mass Ave etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a cool/interesting restaurant that has a space that has a space that could be partitioned off for a group that size that would make the space available on a Monday for that price, all inclusive? I just can't think of a partitioned space that size or a restaurant willing to block off four hours on a Monday and I thought some chowhounders might have some ideas.


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  1. Have you tried hotels, like Kimpton Group or W? They might cut a deal if you state you are a non-profit.

    Also scroll through this guide

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      Yea, W is too expensive with their new restaurant (same is true for the Newseum) and Kimpton's public rooms are too small...

    2. Does it have to be really nice? When Town Tavern in Adams Morgan was Nolan's, it had a very nice upstairs reception room. I'm sure they still do rentals, I just haven't been to it since it became Town. On a monday night you won't have to deal with the typical AdMo crowd and parking wouldn't be a problem.

      Otherwise- look at Tabard Inn, Hook in Geogetown, and Clyde's in Gallery Place.

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      1. Try the National Press Club. Nice rooms and they can do pretty much any kind of food you choose. This is what they do - speaker events just like this.