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Aug 10, 2009 07:32 AM

Best non-steak/non-French upscale dining options in LV?

Mostly interested in moderate-to-upscale restaurants (for me, that means mains up to $50, and set menus/tasting menus up to $100).

I'd like to avoid steakhouses, French food, and seafood that has travelled a great distance.

Would be most interested in recommendations for restaurants serving Southwestern, Mexican,
Asian Fusion, Mediterranean, Contemporary/Continental and American foods.

Does Michael Mina's lobster pot pie taste as good as a lobster pot pie on the East Coast would taste? Are the lobsters flown in fresh, or kept in tanks for a while? I've had a disappointing lobster experience in Palm Desert, and I'm finicky about my crustaceans, so I'm not sure whether i should chance lobster in the desert again.

I am a fan of Puck, Batali and Flay- not sure which restaurants would be my best bets.So far, Mesa Grill, Nobhill Tavern and B&B Ristorante are on my short list- what other restaurants would you include?

Are any dishes in Vegas worth the trip to Vegas?

Thanks for any of your comments, in advance ;-)

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  1. The lobster pot pie is FABULOUS and expensive but could easily serve two. Mesa Grill has an incredible build your own margarita bar. There are plenty of reviews here on the other restaurants. I would go to their websites and look at the menus. Pick the menu that best seems to fit your personal tastes. None of them serve "bad" food. The real issue is fit to your personal preferences and you can research that one yourself.

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      Thanks for your comments, fishyak-- I think I'll be happy at Mesa Grill and Nobhill Tavern:)

      Happy to hear that lobster pot pie is fabulous!!! You've convinced me to order it- whether I have someone to share with, or not :-)

    2. perhaps Shibuya (MGM Grand) or Nobu (Hard Rock)?

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        Thanks for the recs- between Shibuya and Nobu, which would you choose? Which one serves more innovative sushi/omakase?

        1. re: phoenikia

          I preferred Shibuya, though IMO, Nobu was probably more innovative... but not for any particular reason. I just liked it better.

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            Both of those are good, but I'd recommend Bar Charlie for an "omakase" type meal that you'll never forget. You should be able to do well in your price limit.

            Your limitations are quite limiting. I assume that the "seafood that has traveled a great distance" means Vegas is a bit too far from the ocean to eat seafood, so that nixes sushi, most asian fusion and well, the lobster pot pie you so crave. At the same time, you are avoiding steakhouses and French places which doesn't leave a whole lot.

            I'd second the rec for Mesa Grill. That place seems to come through pretty consistently.

            My favorite Puck venue is CUT, but that's a steakhouse so forget I said it.

            B&B is quite inconsistent which is reflected by the reviews on this site which are all over the place. Go at your own risk. If you do go though, order the mint "love letters". That dish is downright legendary.

            To experience Batali, I really enjoy his more casual venue, Enoteca San Marco. The dishes are not as sophisticated as B&B but are consistently well-executed.

            1. re: climberdoc

              Thanks for the comments, climberdoc.

              Will consider Bar Charlie & Enoteca.

              I'll probably loosen up the travelling seafood part of my initial post- mostly want to avoid any seafood that isn't optimal (but that doesn't sound like a concern at the high end sushi or Michael Mina's establishments). I don't tend to eat beef and I'd rather not eat French food.

              It's quite likely my friends will end up pushing for a steakhouse, so I might try to encourage CUT if it looks like one of our dinners is destined to be at a steakhouse.