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Aug 10, 2009 07:29 AM

Tasty Yo in Charlotte

This place just opened a week ago in NoDa, right next to Crepe Cellar. I tried it Friday during the gallery crawl and it was awesome. I've had Activia before so I am not a stranger to active culture yogurt (or as they call it, tart yogurt) but Activia and the like have nothing on the real deal... it was fantastic! I had it with mango, fruity pebbles and granola. Next time I will leave off the granola, I think the sweetness of the mango balanced the tartness of the yogurt awesomely. I would also leave off the fruity pebbles, but Mrs. friek loves it.

Prices are quite reasonable ($3 for a small, $4 medium, $5 large) and include up to 3 toppings. We shared a medium and it was plenty for 2. The decor is very welcoming and comfy, they welcome dogs and have a small bench out front for when the weather isn't unbearably hot. They are also one of the greenest places I've ever been to, to include spoons made of 100% corn, fully biodegradable. Of the 20 available toppings, wherever possible they are locally sourced. The green link on their website has more details on this.

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  1. Wow, interesting. I just checked out their website. I was impressed that they posted their nutritional information and it was actually good news - their yogurt is low sugar also. A 4 oz serving is only 20 carbs ( a small is 6 oz, fyi). Of course, add toppings and the carb count goes up. But it's nice that there isn't any excessive sugar added to the base.

    I, too, was impressed by their green efforts. And their site says they purchase all their fruit from the Kings St. farmers market. They make every effort to buy local. Very nice.

    Thanks for the heads up, friek!

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      I forgot to mention that they also make every effort to only play music from local bands. If you know someone, they encourage people to drop off CDs and will add them to the rotation.

    2. Thanks for the post, this sounds great. Their face book page has some pictures and the place even looks cool. I'm so their… If I limit toppings to blueberries that should be healthy-pretty healthy well more healthy than my usual amazing Napoleon at Amalies, The big question can it be close to as delicious?

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        "The big question can it be close to as delicious?"

        Let's not get crazy now, GFL. :)