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Aug 10, 2009 07:29 AM

Salade Lyonnaise in Paris

I'll bet this is an easy question for those who know Paris better than I:
I just returned from a short trip to Paris. While there, I constantly had my eye peeled for a cafe serving Salade Lyonnaise among the salades composees. Mostly I was absolutely dying for a salad with frisee, since it looked so incredible at all the markets. But also the lyonnaise has a poached egg and lardons, and that doesn't hurt either. I didn't spot this dish on the menu during my short trip. Where can you get a good, run of the mill salade lyonnaise? Nothing gourmet, more cafe/brasserie/creperie style environs.
I'm looking for the more central area (ideally 5th or 6th), since I'm a mere tourist and rarely occasion to visit the outer arrondissements.
Thanks all!

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  1. I'm sure Moissonnier, in the 5th, will have it available. There are at least a dozen restaurants in the central core that specialize in Lonnaise dishes; good luck.

      1. re: John Talbott

        chez rene on the far east end of blvd st germain would probably be a good place for this

      2. I loved the Salade Lyonnaise that I had at Chez Denise, which is in the 1st. The restaurant is know for it's beef, and other meaty dishes. I highly recommend the place.

        1. Many places offer it as "frisee aux lardons." IRRC frisee is best in the winter so it may be somewhat seasonal.

          1. Next time, be vigilant and go for an all Lyonnais dish diet including a nice warmed assiette of rosette sausage on steamed potato slices among and a bottle of cote rotie.