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Nov 9, 2004 01:33 PM

Turkey Legs in OC

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Any idea where to get uncooked, unsmoked turkey legs without buying an entire 40 pound box? Orange County places are preferred.

Some places that I've called / visited already: El Toro Gormet Meats in Lake Forest, Celestino's in Costa Mesa, Smart & Final, Costco, & Restaurant Depot in FV.

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  1. El Metate market on 19th in Costa Mesa may be worth trying.

    1. My albertsons on Jamboree/Chapman in Orange ALWAYS have them. But I havent bought in a while. Packed 2 to a tray. I would get a whole bunch, brine them, then smoke them. You could always call them. They are cheap too!!!

      1. This is a bit off the question, but I have been by Restaurant Depot several times and always thought it was wholesale only. Am I wrong? Is there a secret to getting in?

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          Professor Salt

          You're right, it's wholesale only.

        2. Mother's in Costa Mesa (17th Street) always has them, they're frozen.

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            Professor Salt

            I stopped by Mothers and El Metate in Costa Mesa today, and they both had them. Will be smoking these later this week, thanks all!

            Diamond Dog - I'll bet the Albertson's near me will have them too. I never go there, because I live near two 99 Ranch markets, Trader Joe's, Smart & Final, Gelson's, Super Irvine, and a Wholesome Choice. With that much going on, turkey legs seem the only reason for me to go to Albertson's.