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ISO Wapoos Cider - Wife loves it


My wife and I have been going to Ceilli's cottage now on a semi-regular basis and she absolutely loves the wapoos cider that they have on tap. The LCBO in my area (and on their website) don't seem to carry it. Help.

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  1. It's regularly in stock at the LCBO on Queen's Quay. Not cheap at around $12 for a four pack, but yeah, it's a great cider.

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      Awesome, thank you for the advice, my wife will be very pleased.

    2. Rebel House has it on tap!

      1. It is very expensive though, $13 for a 4 pack (330ml), but it does taste great. I actually do most of my waupoos drinking at places like Beer Bistro, Allen's and C'est What, on tap.

        1. A bit off topic but at the Beerfest, Great Lakes had a Snakebite with Wapoos... It was so good. I have emailed them to see if they are going to make more and where it will be available!

          1. If you're along Queen East, you can get Waupoos at Prohibition and The Roy.

            1. It's on the shelf at the LCBO at the Shops at Don Mills.

              1. For a special treat, try this stuff when this year's batch comes out:

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                  I love Wapoos (having first tried it at Rebel House actually). Just as a suggestion, your wife may also want to try Sir Perry's Cider (pear). It's also available at the LCBO.

                2. You spelled the name incorrectly in your original post, which is probably why you couldn't find it on the control board's website. It is Waupoos, with a "u" in it.

                  1. it's also on tap at cafe volo i believe

                    1. I get mine, just a bit further east at the LCBO on Queen, just east of Coxwell. It comes in 4 packs (boxes) in the refrigerator at the back right of the store.

                      1. Harbord House also has it on tap.

                        1. I just saw it on tap at Black Hoof on Monday night. I think they are closed for a couple of weeks while they reno the new place across the street, but they will probably still carry it when they re-open.

                          1. Contact the company and drive out to see them. Prince Edward County, just West of Kingston, Ontario. Highway 2 is a great drive out there.