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Aug 10, 2009 06:57 AM

Favorite one-pot meals using rice cooker?

I'm getting ready for a two-week roadtrip in Canada, and it occurred to me, as we are trying to eat healthy and keep costs down, that it might be smart to bring a small rice cooker with us. I already knew I can use it to make steel-cut oatmeal in the morning, and obviously for rice. Vaguely I sensed I might also be able to steam veggies and fish, but looking out on the net I see there is a whole new trend for one-pot meals in the rice cooker (students in dorm rooms, people in small studio apts in NY, etc.). I've collected some links (will be happy to post if anyone is interested), but I wanted to solicit fellow CHers for any one-pot meals you have discovered for yourself and are willing to share.


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  1. i have made spaghetti in a rice cooker ie. the sauce and then boiled the pasta in same pot. I have also done ramen/noodles, curry rice and these days, when i am bored with plain white rice, i throw in layers of various ingredients (chickpeas, green peas, romano/lima beans, chopped carrots, potato, sometimes chopped meats) and sprinkle some curry/turmeric powder for a pelau type rice...a very versatile appliance!

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      Berbere, you might be surprised, several people claim to have made decent dishes by breaking up the pasta and cooking it right in there with the sauce. I'm skeptical but will try this, too. Thanks for the other ideas!

    2. I'm interested in any links/recipes you have think look good. Trying to compile a recipe book for our kids in college.

      I'm so glad you started this thread, really looking forward to the replies!

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        "Trying to compile a recipe book for our kids in college."

        I found the *best* book when I was barely out of college myself; it was called the Starving Students' Guide to Cooking or something like that and was probably self-published. Wish I still had it!

        My links are at home so I will post them when I get home tonight. Guess I will be trying some of them out in the next couple weeks so we're not stuck miles from nowhere with a culinary disaster!

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          Took me a bit longer to get back to this than I expected; here are the links I've collected so far:

          This may be less interesting, as it deals with making "helper" type boxed dinners.

          This requires chicken be already cooked, so not a true "one pot"

          This is more general methodology.

          Collection of recipes, including mac & cheese and chicken paprikash

          pretty basic, mostly vegetarian

          (chowhound thread about steaming--scroll down to 2nd to last post for cabbage, potato, sausage recipe


          ny times article (registration required) with two recipes

 (link to rice cooker meals cookbook


          3 suggested recipes from Chowhound, 3rd not truly one-pot

          martha stewart recipe adapted to Korean flavors

          links to two sets of recipes

        2. Here's one link that looks interesting, see links within it on the left to actual recipes. Maybe it's just that I'm hungry but the salmon bibimbap looks pretty good...