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Aug 10, 2009 06:57 AM

Good brunch spot in E Village for 10 people???

I am looking for a place for brunch this Saturday for a group of 10 people. Prefer East Village or nearby (Lower East Side, Greenwich Village). Ideas??? Thanks!

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  1. Brunch for a group:

    Pastis - Meatpacking, communal table
    Freemans - LES, they have a private room, you can only make reservations if you are a large party
    Jane - private room downstairs, just north of Soho, east of the WV
    Morandi - also quite large, and a nice space, WV
    'inoteca - downstairs room in LES location, not sure about Gramercy location where they'd put people
    Blue Ribbon Bakery- WV, they do large parties all the time they can seat bigger groups downstairs
    Cookshop - they have booths and tables that can seat 6, not sure how they'd do 10 people, Chelsea
    Stanton Social - have an upstairs bar/lounge area that can be used, too, also on the pricey side, and it's all small plates, but fun, and a little more upscale than other options, LES
    Markt - Chelsea, just north of the Meatpacking District
    The Smith - East Village, same people who run Jane
    Tia Pol - they have a back room and now take reservations for parties of all sizes
    Boqueria - they only take reservations for large groups, the Soho location has these two nice U shaped booths that would work well for a party of 10 I think
    Public - Nolita, they have a curtained off area that could work
    Momofuku Ssam Bar - not really traditional brunch but you can reserve for a bo ssam lunch, it's much easier to get in for the bo ssam lunch than the bo ssam dinner on short notice
    Otto - again, not traditional brunchy foods BUT they have a package deal for unlimited wine + prix fixe IIRC
    Chinatown Brasserie - Noho, dim sum, may be too pricey / they may charge an extra fee for a party of 10
    Locanda Verde - Tribeca, very positive reports so far, they just started brunch service, I'd call and ask if they reservations for a party that large
    DBGB - EV, they started brunch service several weeks ago, I'd call and ask if they reservations for a party that large

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      'inoteca Gramercy - No private sapce, but the interior is large, so no problem accommodating a group of ten. Not sure if they accept reservations for brunch.

    2. Macondo is awesome at brunch and has big tables for large parties. No reservations necessary.

      1. Have you gone yet? Where did you end up, and how was it?