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Aug 10, 2009 06:31 AM

Scarborough Fair at Sea Girt NJ - very disappointing!

We heard about this place from few people as being very nice, romantic, upscale establishment and decided to try it for our 10 years anniversary. There are not that many reviews about this place, but those that we found – were very positive. So here is our short review:
Food was very disappointing. It wasn’t cooked well and tasted very bland. Lobster soup did not taste as it was made from lobster. Duck was dried and hard to chew. Flounder with white rice wasn’t anything special. Food presentation could be better. It seems like they serve soup and tea in the same cup. BTW when we asked for the tea we were given a plane generic Lipton. Usually if a restaurant wants to be considered an upscale establishment, it provides you with a chose of tea (at least 6 varieties) in the wooden box.

The décor and the place itself is very nice, very romantic (place looks like a tree house and tables are located on different levels) - it has a lot of potentials but they should really work on what they serve, how it is served and how it is prepared.

We will not be back there at least we hear more positive comments on their food quality.
Here is the link for this place:

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  1. Never heard anything good about the place and have absolutely no desire to go there.....even if the meal were free.

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      the place has been around 20 years, not sure how

    2. I had the same bad experience as dimka448 at Scarborough fair in sea girt. The food was barely edible. The server was slow and the staff pretentious. When I complained about the food being over cooked and bland the response was"I've never had a complaint before" that was interesting. Also interesting was the view of parking lots and car dealership. Not sure where the acres if land are? Possibly in another town? My guest also disliked the food. Overall-Scarborough fair is not romantic, no views and the food is low quality. Very disappointed.