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Aug 10, 2009 06:30 AM


Me and the beau are taking a trip from Knoxville to Edisto Beach at the end of August. We're driving and are going to stop over somewhere along the way for one night and then spend three nights in Edisto. I'd love some recommendations for great places to eat and drink in Edisto as well as lunch/dinner stops along the way. Thank yall.

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  1. On the way down there are many places to stop in Charleston. A few good ones for lunch on the way out of Charleston to Edisto are the Early Bird Diner (cheap diner food made from scratch with local ingredients) and The Glass Onion (upscale order-at-the-counter with all local ingredients). In Edisto, there isn't much. My favorite is McConkey's Jungle Shack (very casual). Be sure to stop at King's Market about 10 mi outside of Edisto and George & Pink's market about 2-3 mi outiside Edisto to stock up on fresh produce and locally-made goods.

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      The Mustard Seed is good to, but on James Island...not so on the way to Edisto

    2. The Old Post Office restaurant on Edisto Island reopened back in April - it's definitely recommended.

      1. Not sure why you are spending the night on the way down. It is 4 hour drive to Columbia and then on to Edisto. But Hendersonville NC has some interesting places to eat. Columbia, SC has places around the University, which is downtown. Of course, Charleston has delicious food on almost every corner. Between Asheville and Columbia, there is not much. Spartanburg has a hamburger place, can't remember the name, where you go through a big line and the guys yell out your order. Mostly go for the experience-the food is ok.

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          I think you mean the Beacon. It's an institution.