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Fresno Greek Fest - Aug 28-30, 2009 - Largest Greek Food Festival in the Country!

I just read a blurb in the SJ Mercury that Fresno has the largest handmade Greek Food Festival in the Country for food, wine, & olive oil tasting, live music, dancing & international bazaar.

Has anyone been before?

Aug 28-30, 2009

St. George Greek Orthodox Church
at 1st & Clinton, Fresno
ph: 559-233-0397

Friday & Saturday Evening (5pm-Midnight) admission, $5
(Children under 12 FREE); Friday & Sunday Lunch (11am-2pm) admission, FREE. ($10 Lunch).

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  1. A great time and hopefully not TOO hot. They have a silent auction as well and the food is really good.

    1. I hope some CH will go this year & report back. Is food sold ala carte or is there just a set cost like the $10 lunch & everyone gets the same food?

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        Not positive on this but usually you pay for a meal ticket and get a lunch/dinner. And then there are also people who are selling individual items (i.e. baklava, spanikopita, etc) that you can buy and bring home. So the short answer is both.

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          Excepting Lunch, all the food is a'la carte. Moussaka & Pastichio Lunch on Friday and Athenian Roast Chicken & Burnt Butter Pasta on Sunday Lunch. No silent auction, but live drawings for kitchen appliances, lasik surgery, and a digital camera. New food this year: Lamb Shank.

        2. Did anyone go this yr & can report back?

          1. This yr it's Aug 27-29, 2010

            St. George Greek Orthodox Church
            at 1st & Clinton, Fresno
            ph: 559-233-0397

            Admission $5
            Seniors (65+) FREE; Children under 12 - FREE

            Fri 5p-12AM
            Sat 11am-12AM
            Sun 11a-6p
            Sun FREE Admission w/ a Can of Food (1 per person)

              1. Been there, done that, ate the food. GO!! You can usually find a discount coupon or some cost saving thing. Don't care about the dancing, not interested in auctions, just food. We usually fill up from the stands then go inside and pick up some pastry assortments. But yes, go. If you are a foodie I think it is well worth it.

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                  Santa Barbara also has a long running Greek Festival every summer in Oak Park put on by the local Greek Orthodox church - home made goodies, all delicious from souvlaki (gyros) to a dazzling buffet of Greek desserts - love those burst in your mouth, powder sugar coated wedding cookies.

                2. This yr it'll be Aug 23-25, 2013. Hope to see some pics/reports this yr from folks.