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Aug 9, 2009 10:24 PM

24th Birthday dinner..something.."different"?

Hi there,
I'm organizing my brother's birthday dinner and I'm looking for something different. We often go out for sushi, sometimes Italian, the usual suspects. Nothing too expensive, around $30 per head (not including wine). He doesn't like Indian, so that's out of the equation. I'd like something near downtown (Plateau, Mile End, etc.) which might be a bit under the radar. Honestly, I'd just like something I've never heard of. Maybe something East European or South American, certainly not limited to those though. I'm really interested in any suggestions.
Anyway, if you could help me out with a suggestion for a fun place to go, that would be great.
Thanks a lot.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. La Caretta has a room in the back. Salvadoran specialties - very good!

      350, rue Saint-Zotique E corner Drolet

        1. le nil bleu would be a fun experience, granted if you like to eat with your fingers. It's ethiopian food (very curry ish). The portions are pretty big and it's something you can easily shared, price is about 30 bucks a head

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            Ethiopian's good. Magdala (1222 Bishop; 514 866-7667) is less slick but has better food and lower prices.

            Le Georgia (5112 D├ęcarie, 514 482-1881) a sure bet for Eastern European.

            For affordable nuevo latino, try Le Jolifou or Madre though neither's what you'd call close to downtown.

            Echoing mainsqueeze, how about tapas? Tapeo and Pintxo are great.