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Aug 9, 2009 10:09 PM

Anyone go to SFChefs.Food.Wine?

Just curious if any Hounds had enough $$$ to make it to the Grand Tastings or other events this weekend. I volunteered on Sunday so I could see the vintners from Navarro & Handley because I couldn't afford the $150 ticket. I'll try to suggest to the organizers that perhaps a different pricing structure might mean better attendance and a happier local community. Any ideas?
(IMO, fairly well-organized and pretty nice people, BTW.)

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  1. I went to the As Seen on TV chef competition Sunday morning with Chris Cosentino and Jen Biesty versus Tyler Florence and Elizabeth Falkner. Considering that most of them were out until past 2 am at the after-party last night, they were all remarkably cheerful and charming. They entertained questions from the audience while cooking and Cosentino's young son beguiled the heck out of everybody.

    The rate was pretty good - $15 (I think, for Visa card holders). The only thing that could have been better would be if we could have tasted the food! (The event did start late and run overtime, but it was fine.)

    1. I feel like the SF Chefs event has an elitist feel because of its "grand" event and "grand" pricing. It would be nice if they could have a tasting pavillion with even tickets around $80 like other food events I've gone to. There were some lower-priced cooking demos and workshops, but I want to taste some food! :)