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Aug 9, 2009 09:50 PM

Oregon Road Trip (Where to Eat?)

My family and I (wife and two older teens) are going on a trip through oregon. We are adventurous eaters and never shy away from trying something new. We will be starting in Portland for 3 days so advice for cuisine in the big city would be helpful. We will then be going through Mt.Hood area (not expecting fine cuisine here), then going down through Bend to Astoria. Any advice would be helpful

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! I have a few for you:

    ASTORIA – You must must must go to Drina Daisy. I went with family and we had one of the best meals ever. Ask them to do a sampler plate of everything. We did this and they created a feast we could not believe… and it was very reasonable. Best of all, the food was incredible:

    Astoria is lovely, by the way.

    In Portland, I love Paley’s Place:

    It stands out to me as the best example of Portland/Northwest cuisine. I’ve been many times and never been disappointed. Wildwood across the street is good, but Paley’s is better.

    Also, Toro Bravo is wonderful. I had an amazing meal here with a friend. It is mall plates so we tried a lot. Nothing disappointed:

    If you are at the base of Mount Hood, there is a fun place to eat called The Huckleberry Inn in Government Camp. I spent two months in Gov’t Camp on a movie shoot and ate there many, many times. The Timberline Lodge is a must see, half way up Mount Hood. The fine dining restaurant there is beautiful but hit and miss. They have a terrific breakfast brunch, though.

    1. I just got back from my first trip or Oregon a week ago, and we ate at some great places. We were only one night in Portland, but Le Pigeon was fabulous -- really interesting preparations and food combinations.

      Up in Astoria, we did not get to Drina Daisy (only there for the day and wanted to see the river while we lunched), but Baked Alaska was very good. Had oysters and soup & salad. The soup was a salmon bisque that was creamy and wonderfully flavorful. The salad had mushrooms and fennel and red onion and was fine, but was kind of bland, even with extra fresh-ground pepper.

      In Yachats, we had an excellent dinner at the Yachats River House -- very sophisticated food. Apps included a roasted mushroom pate and a squid & seaweed salad. For dinner we had the tandoori salmon. Also in Yachats right next to the River House was a littel fish market I'm not remembering the name of right now (I know, not much help there) -- they serve breakfast through dinner, as well as fresh fish. We had a lunch there that was great -- grilled scallops and chips. Very tasty grilled scallops and hot, crispy fries.

      In Cannon Beach, JP's was delicious also. Very friendly and knowledgable staff at this family-run place. I don't recall the appetizers we had here, but do recall thinking they were very good. Mains, we both had the salmon cordon bleu -- very different and tasty -- a bit rich, but not over-the-top rich. Dessert was a South American lime dish that had some chile-laced chocolate in it (not too much chile, but enough to taste it).

      Our other top-notch meal was at Yummy Wine Bar & Bistro. Not sure if kids are allowed here -- possibly 16 and over only? I had an excellent salad with peaches, feta, and hazelnuts over greens, and my friend had tuna tartar which she raved about. My main was the catch of the day (coho salmon) which is prepared in parchment with a caper sauce. My friend had the shrimp with capers and feta.

      I don't have links for you, but I think all these places have websites if you Google them (not sure about the fish market/restaurant). Have a great trip!

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        Thanks for all the input so far, they are really great and detailled replies. I will be sure to include a review of all the places visited once we return

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          Don't know why it popped into my head now, a day later; but I thought I might not have said where Yummy was, and as it turns out, I didn't. It's in Seaside.

        2. re: CAB226

          Man, it is so hard to find good food on the Oregon Coast. My wife and I went to JP's last night with high hopes - but the food just couldn't make the grade. We got the clams marinara (since we love clams and there is an abundance of them!) which was a rather small portion for $15, slightly smoky tasting -- (We definitely liked the clams at the Wayfarer with the white wine and garlic sauce better) The salads were nothing special; the vinagrette had caraway seeds mixed into it?! For our main entree, I had the Chicken Cordon Bleu which was a bit rich (just like the salmon mention above by CAB226). My wife had the pasta primavera which strangely had more primavera than pasta. What was really unexpected was the presence of caraway seeds in the dish - completely out of place for primavera, at least in our eyes. The wine selection there is rather limited as well.

          We didn't go to Stephanie Inn because our kids don't make the 12 year old cutoff... So far, my favorite restaurant on the Coast is Bay House in Lincoln City - great food, great wine selection, great service with no kid age limitations!

          Jp's At Cannon Beach
          PO Box 951, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

        3. You have probably already been through Oregon - would love your thoughts on places you went. In Portland we're planning to return to Higgins, and will try Paley's and Pambiche - good reviews all around. We'll later be in the Cannon Beach area and will try Yummy's in Seaside - also am curious about Bread and Ocean in Manzanita. Unlike many travelers with families, I LOVE the idea of some restaurants banning kids under 12 or 16 - too many inattentive parents let their kids go wild. I know several readers will shoot me for saying that, but screaming toddlers can really ruin the romantic atmosphere. I have enjoyed the many postings on Oregon restaurants and now have to do my homework for our November trip!

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            On our November Manzanita trip we'll definitely eat dinner at Bread & Ocean. Menu looks appealing.

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              If you are going to Mazanita I would highly recommend the Big Wage Cafe, right on 101 next to the Garlic factory, it's not much on the outside but the food is unbelieveable. I had a club sandwich with the mandatory tomato (but fresh), yummy bacon, REAL ham, fresh lettuce on the best bread ever. My guy had the oysters which were a bargain and delicious, we only wish we were there longer so we could have had breakfast there

              1. re: neisei

                I think that's Big Wave Cafe. ;o)

                Big Wave Cafe
                PO Box 789, Manzanita, OR 97130

            2. Don't miss Fulio's on the south side of the main street in Astoria. It has great food for very reasonable prices. It doesn't look like much from street but lovely inside and service is top notch.