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Aug 9, 2009 09:50 PM

New to Calgary...looking for bread and nice groceries

I just moved here from NY, my husband has been working here for a year, but is not adventurous (and has become a regular at Inglewood Pizza!)
Now that I am settled I am desperate for good bread and a source for a nice variety of groceries. I have explored 9th and found Bite, Spolumbos and Nectar, but I miss getting a fresh Pullmans loaf every day. Also I used to frequent a grocer back home who had a different dinner every night, you just called ahead and reserved it, then picked it up at suppertime. They also had a nice selection of jams, fruit, meats and organics. Is there anything like that here? I have a car now and am versed in Googlemaps, so if you could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated!

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  1. For bread and baked goods, you might want to try Manuel Latruwe. It's on 13Ave and 1St SE, in the same complex as the Bernard Callebaut main store. They have good quality bread.

    If you're looking for some french deli stuff, a lot of which they make on-site, eg. pates, terrines, cornichons, you can step next door to a little french deli called L'Epicerie. L'Epicerie is in the same complex as Manuel Latruwe and Bernard Callebaut. You can also get sandwiches at both Manuel and L'Epicerie. My personal favourite is the sud-ouest at L'Epicerie (slices of foie gras on a baguette). It's a little pricey but well worth it.

    Dominique is the owner of L'Epicerie -

    If you're wanting Montreal Bagels, there's a place on Elbow Dr, just off Heritage Dr (on the SE corner). The owner used to work at St. Viateur (one of the famous bagel shops in Montreal) so his bagels are as close to the real thing as you're going to get outside of Montreal. You may want to call ahead first as I don't know what their business hours are... Calgary is not like NY.. many stores close early.

    Montreal Bagels
    #103, 8408 Elbow Drive SW
    Calgary, AB T2V 1K7
    (403) 212-4060

    As for groceries, you might want to try Sunterra Market, Planet Organic or Community Natural Foods. While they're not as good as Trader Joes or Whole Foods, this is what Calgary has to offer. Also, on weekends you may want to go to the Calgary Farmer's Market. I should mention that not all the Sunterra locations have groceries so you may want to check their website for a location with groceries.

    You may also want to check out a store called Cookbook Co. They have a location on 11th Ave in the Beltline area and also at the Calgary Farmer's market. They bring in neat spices and condiments that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

    722 11 Avenue Sw
    Calgary, AB T2R 0E4
    (403) 265-6066

    For pre-made meals, you may want to try the Main Dish in Bridgeland. I haven't tried it yet myself but I have heard good things about it.

    Also, some of the Sunterra Market locations have meals-to-go as well.

    As for desserts/baked goods, there's a place called Eclair de Lune in the NW. I haven't tried it yet but there's been posts about it here in CH. Here's the thread.

    Also, COBS bread has some decent breads and baked goods as well. There are multiple locations around the city. They are a chain from Vancouver.

    For high end Italian groceries, you can check out Mercato in the mission area. Their fresh pastas and pastas sauces are very good. My favourite is the filled-pastas and their rose pasta sauce. While they are quite pricey, the flavour of rose sauce is impressive and I like how light the pasta dough is for the filled pastas. Mercato sells groceries on one side and is a bistro on the other.

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      Thanks so much miss.foodie...I have mapped out my adventure for this weekend!

    2. Forage has a different ready-made meal every day, a weekly salad, and a few other items such as bread and preserves. The use local ingredients:

      I like the bread at Rustic Sourdough bakery. They have sourdough, of course, but also 90% rye and kummelweck which I love:

      If you work downtown, the bread and sandwiches at Rise are really good:

      1. I humbly put forward Urban Baker in Bridgeland (reasonably close to Inglewood) for some terrific artisan bread and fairly priced.

        My favourites are the choco/cranberry sourdough (try it with blackberry jam or as french toast!), the pear/pepper, pesto/cheese and foccaccia. Some of this goes fast, so you can call and reserve bread as required.

        Their wood-fired pizzas are terrific as well. Desserts are aplenty as well.

        Lina's Italian Market would be a bit north of there, as well as Unimarket (Latin Groceries).

        And I still think Brulee ( has the best cakes on a consistent basis!

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          Funny enough, I stumbled onto Urban Bakery today when I went to the dentist. I grabbed an apple flax and oooh so good! That pear black pepper sounds fantastic too..i've heard a lot of good things about Brulee, so I will try them for our monthly cake fix!

        2. It sounds like you're in Inglewood. If you head all the way down 12th street on the weekend (it turns into 11th after the tracks) you'll find the best fresh market in Calgary. Especially this time of year, when the Hutterites and other local farmers start showing up. A good bricolage of take home dinners as well.

          1. Rustic Sourdough bakery has nice bread. But most are german style so I don't think you'll get a pullman loaf.

            Sunterra Market has a "Friday night Feast" - 3 courses. You order and pick it up but it's only on Fridays - I think it's around $15 pp.

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              I second Rustic Sourdough -- our favorite is the pecan cranberry loaf which we load up at home with roasted garlic chicken salad mmmmmm

              The place might not be trendy or nice, but Superstore (supermarket) serves up some really great breads -- their whole grain baguette is one of the best I've had -- not too crispy crust, just enough chewiness which we use for grilled veggie and hummus sandwiches. Another favorite is the flat ciabatta loaf which we grill and make panazella with and the olive miche is sublime. How can you tell I haven't had lunch yet??? haha

              Oh, btw many of their house organic products are really good buys.

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                Thanks for the tip sweeterpea on the house organics. I'm not a snob when it comes to food-as long as its tasty and the price is right! I need a "regular" grocery store and it looks like my choices are Safeway, Superstore and Sobeys? If Superstore is a good one stop shop that would be great! Do you know which one is the best in terms of variety?

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                  Co-Op is another grocery store chain in town. Their higher-end "midtown market" location downtown is at 11th Avenue and 11th Street S.W.

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                    Most of the newer Superstores have great variety, the Sunridge NE I would avoid for the first timer as it's one of the most chaotic ones around and due to the number of customers the store can run out of stuff quite often.

                    My fav Superstores are the ones in Deerfoot Meadows and 64th Ave, NW. We do a lot of one stop shopping at Superstore and their PC brands and organics are surprisingly good value. I find it hard to get to CFM (and I'm not a huge fan of them either) so I get some produce from Superstore when I can't get it from more local sources.