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Aug 9, 2009 09:14 PM

MSP Valerie's Carniceria

i did a very fast walk-thru of this shop on 32nd & south nicollet. one decent-sized meat counter stuffed with good looking whole chickens, skirt, steaks, etc. pig's trotters. no prices posted on anything-- interesting. the butcher was deep in conversation with a customer as he cut her some tripe.

anybody have a review of this mexican butcher shop?

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  1. I've been there a few times, and I keep returning even though it's a trip across town for me. I like the al pastor for a quick taco night, ask for a lb and they give you a pound put the sticker on it and then throw another scoop in the bag. They also have a nice cecina which is strips of beef that is seasoned and dried a little bit, take this and throw it on a hot grill with a little S+P and lime, it makes for a quick and easy dinner. I don't speak Spanish so the had someone who spoke English help me. I guess they have barbacoa on the weekend held in steam wells, so pick up some to go and you have dinner with no cooking. I found Friday afternoons are very busy and they where out of a few things so go early.

    1. I go to the one on Central. I pretty much go there just for skirt steak. they have good carnitas too.

      1. This particular branch is expanding soon, at least that's what the neighborhood news said. They are tearing down the two houses to the North and expanding that way. Since I live a few hundred feet away, I'm pretty darn excited.

        We go there for lots of different things. The meat is good. The small selection of Latino groceries is great. And we go for Gatorade. The people there are always nice and there isn't the criminal activity that some stores in our neighborhood have.