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Aug 9, 2009 08:27 PM

Just another (positive) review of LudoBites

Full write-up with pictures:

Quick summary:
LudoBites at BreadBar ends soon and so I made a visit on Saturday night to experience what everyone else has been raving about. It's all BYOB with $5 corkage and everyone brought a bottle or two. This is great deal and I wish other restaurants would follow.

The dishes:
Creamy polenta with oxtail: Rich, creamy textures with super-tender shreds of oxtail meat. Excellent.

Liquefied chorizo with cornichon and cantaloupe: A bit salty and rich, but it's balanced nicely by the pickle-like cornichon.

Lobster tart: Buttery lobster filling in a buttery, flaky crust and topped with Indian spices.

Blood sausage: Had the taste of meatloaf and the consistency of pudding. I quite liked this, although I was (very) alone in that regard.

Prime beef short rib: a little dry but still packed some good flavor. The accompanying goat cheese salad was excellent.

Grilled duck with leek salad, ginger, capers, black truffle: our favorite dish of the night. Chef Ludo has this dish nailed as everything went so well together. A fantastic combination of rich, standout flavors.

Cheese plate: Blue cheese (super stinky), date butter, apricot preserves, and sheep's milk cheese. The date butter was sublime -- I wish I could eat this ever morning with my toast.

Chocolate cupcake with foie gras mousse and candied bacon: A very different take on a dessert. I would say this is more savory than sweet, but flavor combo was interesting nonetheless and I'm glad I tried it.

LudoBites ends Aug 22, so go make your reservation!

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  1. Welcome to the LudoBites alumni association!

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    1. re: J.L.

      Yep, thanks. We're actually going again next week to try the other half of the menu.