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Knife sharpening in Halifax

I'm new-ish to Halifax and have several knives that need to be sharpened. I've checked at Cucina Moderna and the staff there didn't have any suggestions. Is there anywhere in the city that does do knife sharpening?

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  1. You can check with the Paderno store in Bayers Lake. They sometimes have a guy sharpening knives but he uses a grinding wheel. If you are really stuck, I could do your knives on my whetstones.

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      Thanks so much - I'll let you know if I need to take you up on the most helpful offer!

    2. There's a great little place on Kempt Rd., but I don't know the exact address. It's past Hood Rd., in one of those small industrial buildings.

      1. Oddly, I've been told a number of times that House of Dogs on Quinpool will sharpen knives. Since the Cookhouse has closed, I'll probably have to try going there myself.

        1. Fid sharpens knives. It may take a few days to get them back but I've found they do a very good job- just call ahead. Cheers.

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            If there's enough interest, I can teach you all how to sharpen your own knives. I have all the equipment necessary and many years of sharpening experience. I'll be able to charge about $25 per person and sharpen up to 3 knives per person included in that $25. Maybe spring of 2010.

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              Are you in Halifax? I live in Lunenburg, but I am very interested and come into town frequently...my daughter is also a foodie and may be up for this. I don't like to post email addresses here but if you can provide some info, you can count me in!

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                I'd be interested! I can do a decent job of honing them but mine need a good sharpening soon!

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                  I hope CHEF on DRZSM comes back, sounds like he/she has a class!

          2. Hi Everyone, This is PRECISION SHARPENING,`` that great little place on Kempt Rd`` that MaFreaka mentioned. (thank you very much by the way) For those of you who don't know us, we are a Full Service Sharpening Shop. We sharpen everything from Knives, Scissors, Saw Blades, Chains to Garden Tools, etc. We would love to have you stop by. We are at 3600 Kempt Road, right next door to Wendy``s Restaurant. We specialize in Knives, sharpening upwards of 300 per day. If you have any questions, pls. call us at 455-2227 or email pre_sharp@yahoo.ca. Thanks...

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              Just came across this and am thrilled there's a dedicated sharpener in town! I moved here a couple of years ago and have asked both friends and merchants where to got, to no avail... I should have thought of Chowhound sooner, I used it all the time in TO.

            2. This is Cucina Moderna. We can show you how to maintain and sharpen your knife and we sell steels, ceramic sharpeners and whetstones. We generally don't provide names of 3rd party sharpeners as customers have provided feedback with negative experiences. Having said that i see there is a Precision post in the thread and if they stand behind their work then I'm sure they will take care of you. With the tools we sell we really believe you can sharpen your own knives easily and safely! Stop by the store for a free demo on how to do it yourself.

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                Thornbloom's in Spring Garden Place sometimes has the Henckel man in to do free sharpening, I left a half dozen knives and they came back razor sharp. Check with them.

              2. Watch out for the guy who's currently doing sharpening for Gromman around Halifax. He ruined the contour of the edges on three of my mother's knives, turning them sort of S-shaped. It took me over an hour of work with my 220-grit stone to get them straightened out again, or as straightened out as they will ever be again.

                1. Cucina Moderna carriers cards now for a guy who sharpens knives for the love of it. He sharpened my chef's knife for $5 a while back, which I thought was a steal. He did a wonderful job. I've just moved away to Ontario now, but I wish I'd gotten him to do all of my knives before I left. If I find his card in my boxes (and boxes and boxes), I'll come back and leave his name.

                  1. http://www.halifaxknifesharpening.com/

                    you can drop them off at ikebana shop on Quinpool or at Paderno

                    I hear he does fantastic work