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What restaurants are NOT participating in the Aug '09 Restaurant Week?

So far, my list of RW non-participants includes the Franklin Cafes, Oleana, Khao Sarn, Zon's, Cafe Polonia, Jasmine Bistro, Vee Vee, and Trattoria Toscana.

Any others?


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  1. Pretty much any place you can think of that doesn't accept AMEX -- since they're a major sponsor (or somehow tied to it...)

    1. Compiling a list of good places that you might actually want to dine that week? <g>

      1. Rendezvous never does. Don't believe Hamersleys does either and yes we have reservations at both !

        1. Clio is not, but Uni is.

          1. West Side Lounge in Cambridge. Plus, on Mondays this summer, they are running a $12.95 for a pair of lobster rolls special. That sounds too good to be true - gonna try to check it out tomorrow night.

            1. Prezza, Garden at the Cellar, Craigie on Main, Hungry Mother, Bristol Lounge, Orinoco, Kingfish Hall, Bricco, Rustic Kitchen...I had one other on my mental list but now it's gone...

              1. oh, Tavolo and Ashmont Grill

                1. Worth noting that some restaurants that are participating in Restaurant Week are still serving their full menus at regular prices. A couple of examples I've come across are Via Matta and Toro.


                  1. It looks like Grotto and marliave serve their full menus pretty much.

                    And it occurred to me on a stroll through Central Sq. that Salts, Central Kitchen and Green Street skip the whole restaurant week thing, too

                    1. Garden at the Cellar had a "Boycotting Restaurant Week" message on their menu last night.

                      1. That's a lot of places: ~90% of the restaurants in Boston don't participate in RW. As an estimate, Yelp has a list of 2809 restaurants in Boston, restaurantweekboston.com lists 218 participating.