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What restaurants are NOT participating in the Aug '09 Restaurant Week?

So far, my list of RW non-participants includes the Franklin Cafes, Oleana, Khao Sarn, Zon's, Cafe Polonia, Jasmine Bistro, Vee Vee, and Trattoria Toscana.

Any others?


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  1. Pretty much any place you can think of that doesn't accept AMEX -- since they're a major sponsor (or somehow tied to it...)

    1. Compiling a list of good places that you might actually want to dine that week? <g>

      1. Rendezvous never does. Don't believe Hamersleys does either and yes we have reservations at both !

        1. Clio is not, but Uni is.

          1. West Side Lounge in Cambridge. Plus, on Mondays this summer, they are running a $12.95 for a pair of lobster rolls special. That sounds too good to be true - gonna try to check it out tomorrow night.