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Aug 9, 2009 04:12 PM

ISO - Duck Confit (for the home)

i understand DIY duck confit is pretty easy (albeit long), but i'm looking for duck confit legs that are ready for home prep. i picked up a few at surfas (d'artagnan) - but i read of a recent recall, so i'm looking for other options. i understand nicole's in south pas has em on hand, but what about whole foods? bristol farms? anyone have a source they can share? thanks!

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  1. I've seen it on occasion at Whole Foods, but I'm not all that fond of the ones they sell. Perhaps strangely, I tend to order cans of duck confit legs from I like the Rougie brand. Because of the nature of confit, being canned doesn't do it any harm at all, and you also get a lot more duck fat in the can with the legs than you do with the vacuum packed ones I've found in markets. And duck fat can be pretty good stuff to have around the house.

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      I had not seen canned confit in the US; I saw it in France, but was warned that I'd have to try to smuggle it in as contraband. So it's good news that it's available here. I do make my own duck confit (and turkey thighs, too!), but it's time-consuming and uses scarce fridge space, and I really don't want to pay the hideous prices WF wants for their scrawny little vac-pack legs.

    2. The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills should have it. A 20.28 oz tin is $22.00.

      1. i buy mine mail order from artisan up in sonoma. their foie gras is amazing as well:

        1. Nicole's does have them, but I have also seen them at the Pasadena Whole Foods in the deli section.

          1. The french market in the Farmer's Market who's name escapes me.