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Aug 9, 2009 04:08 PM

Organic Valley Pasture Butter

It is only made in the summer and I love this stuff. It is a great spreading butter, the knife just smoothly sinks into it. It is more flavorful and creamy that most butters. I actually like it a lot better than many of the local artisan butters.

I bought it through a happy coincidence. I was out of butter and didn't have time for the farmers market. The store had a sale on it plus a $1 off coupon. Serendipity. I'm a fan now.

It doesn't taste anything like the regular Organic Valley butter that doesn't really do much for me.

The pasture butter has a green foil wrapping.

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  1. I thought I might find it at Whole Foods here on the peninsula - no green foil wrapping anywhere!

    "The store had a sale on it plus a $1 off coupon"

    ...would you please fill in the name of the store? Thanks.

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      1. I'm obsessed with this - they have it here at the Whole Foods in Providence. I'm thinking of buying a bunch and freezing it so I can have it through the winter. The rich color, the depth of flavor. It's spoiling me - I no longer like the plain taste of Plugra! I agree with rworange -- I really dislike Organic Valley's other butters - but this beats all other artisan butters I've found here in the States by far!!!

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          Fantastic butter to cook with--great sauce finisher and fried eggs are divine. Of all places my local Kroger had this on sale and I got a bunch of sticks to freeze. I missed the May-September part so I'll continue to stock up until it's no longer available and hopefully that'll get me through for a while.

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            My store had it the other day, but only salted so I didn't buy it. I did find another brand of grass fed butter in a tub. Maybe next year.