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Aug 9, 2009 03:57 PM

Californians: How often do you check hygiene score before eating out?

I make it a practice to take advantage of the fact that most California counties fulfill their obligations to post restaurant inspection results by doing so online. This may be true in many other states--don't mean to slight anyone, just don't know.

I realize for many food nuts this is not a topic they wish to include in their selection process; however, for those of us with compromised and/or aging (or already aged) digestive systems, it can be an illness-preventer or even a life-saver.

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  1. I don't really do it. If a place has an A or B, I'll eat there.

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    1. re: mrfood16

      But that wokrs only for those places that post their grades in a prominent place! I know all LA restaurants seem to, but not necessarily so elsewere.

    2. Never. While I no longer believe that A=American, B=Better and C=Chinese, I trust my own senses to suggest to me whether the place got gigged for storing the vinegar near the detergent or for black mold in the walk-in. If a place seems a little dodgy an A will reassure me, but if it's all sparkly and smells good a C will not send me packing. And I don't bother looking until we get there, and usually not then.

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      1. re: Will Owen

        What you said. Good grief, we're Californians. Not the faint of heart :)

      2. If it ain't closed yet by "you know who" I ignore the rating and eat there.

        1. A good friend of mine refuses to eat in Chinese restaurants that have an "A" rating (LA County). He figures they spend too much time cleaning up, and not enough time on the food!

          1. As my always logical mother has pointed out to my neurotic grandparents, "how do you know the restaurant didn't get a low A? and another one might have a high B?" Not much difference in a 89% and a 90% from where I stand!

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            1. re: rds246

              I read the actual reports, which are often accessible online, and find what was tagged and determine for myself how serious a concern I think it is. The numerical grades, not just alphabetical ones, are included.