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Aug 9, 2009 03:47 PM

Sel de La Terre- report and $1 oysters

Had dinner at Sel De La Terre Natick last night. Excellent meal. The duck terrine was rather soft - almost liquid but tasted ok. Howevr, the rack of lamb was delicious and perfectly cooked. DH had the steak frites which was also perfectly cooked and delicious. Fries were shoe string and very crispy. The restaurant was 1/2 empty - 7-8:30.
They gave us a card which says that $1 oysters and 1/2 priced tapas are on Sunday- Thursday 4-9 pm. Sound like a good deal.

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  1. thanks much for sharing that. sounds very worthwhile!

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    1. re: opinionatedchef

      not all of the sdlt locations run the same specials programs though.

    2. For folks in Boston, SDLT participates in the Thursday farmer's market on Pru plaza (about 100 feet from their Boylston St. location). Over the course of the day the chefs bring fresh sandwiches, salads, baked goods and some other stuff. No oysters I'm guessing LOL - but yummy lunch fixin's.

      1. 4-9 now you are talking.

        1. Can anyone verify if Sel de la Terre is still offering $1 Island Creek oysters, $1 house-made charcuterie, and $1 "pony" beers at the bar on Mondays?

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            Which locaton? I can walk by the Back Bay and check if that's the one you're asking about. I think each place has its own specials and promotions.

            Back Bay has a blackboard in the first floor bar with promotions like this on it.


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              My bad, I should have stated the Back Bay location. I tried to find an email for them on their website, but they don't seem to have a contact us page.

              Thanks for your help,

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                on the website they have an "events" page that talks about a special charcuterie bar on tuesdays and wednesdays, and the bar menu lists specials for monday nights.

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                  I took a peek at the Blackboard today,(through the window) and saw "Burger Monday" in big letters.

                  Each restaurant's contact is on its own drop down menu - Phone is 617.266.8800.


            2. Was having dinner at the bar at Coppa this past Sunday night and the couple next to us were having wine (no food) and then heading to Sal de la Terre for the oysters. To leave Coppa "those must be some pretty good oysters".

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              1. re: hunterboston

                Actually, the oysters weren't great Sunday night. They were part of an "Oyster and Pig Minifest" that got us excited, but we should have stayed at Coppa. Lesson learned...

                edit: I should note that only on Sunday eveing were the oysters at Sel de la Terre dissapointing. I attritbute that to the throngs pressing in to gorge upon them and the following rushed service. They were also overly salty, not usually a problem I have with Island Creek. I've had oysters a Sel de la Terre on other occasions and quite enjoyed them.

                1. re: Vin Ordinaire

                  Tried to get into Coppa last night. Got there at 5:50, but there was not a seat to be had. Glad for them, because the food there is "that good"..... sad for me. Ended up going to the Buttery and had a very good meal. Had only been to the cafe side before for coffee. I had heard somewhere before that the chef had worked with Todd English for a number of years and had left to do his own thing (and he is doing a very good job at it).