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Aug 9, 2009 03:42 PM

Discount and "coolinary" dinner menus

Anyone tried the discounted dinners at some of the nicer restaurants in town? K-Pauls has a $30 thing going on and all entrees were tasty. What are the best values?

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  1. We did the special menu at the Pelican Club a week back. My wife had the slad and I had the excellent seafood martini as starters. Her entree which she found a little bland was a filet of fish with crabmeat and I had the small filet mignon.Dessert was good renditions of bread pudding and creme brulee.The place is very nice and the service was good. It was $33 for the three course dinner.

    1. I had the Coolinary menu at Iris...very good! I think it was about $35 for 3 courses...

      1. Antoine's has a special summer lunch for 19.50 that sounds wonderful. Also try Muriels, Ralphs on the PArk, or Bacco. A lot of places are offering some sort of special, more so for lunch than for dinner.

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          IMO, Emeril's year round 3 course lunch $19.50 is still the best value in town. Re: Bacco I've heard from several folks the COOLinary was excellent but all had service issues.

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            The Antoine's special is pretty "meh." A confused-tasting casserole for the first course (choice of eggplant or crawfish, both were about a 4 out of 10), and an ok, small softshell crab for the entree. I honestly don't think it's worth even $19.50.

            I much prefer the Palace Cafe temperature lunch, as far as lunch bargains go.

            1. re: uptownlibrarian

              temp lunch at PC is definitely the best deal in town.

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                We went a couple of weeks ago and the service was HORRIBLE!

                1. re: nikinik

                  really? what happened?

                  while its definitely a step below fine dining, ive usually found their service good enough for busy bistro; but i usually go for lunch. i do remember once being on the patio at dinner service for happy hour and the service was very poor -- i think they stick the amateur's out there.

              2. re: uptownlibrarian

                Thanks for that update. I saw the ad and it sounded good in theory. Good to know it was sub-par before trying.