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Aug 9, 2009 02:48 PM

Turkey and dressing craving

I neeeeed some turkey and dressing. Checked Hoovers luck. Any other suggestions? Luby's (ugh) Although i hear they have the best turkey.

I might be out of luck this time of year.

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  1. Can't vouch for the quality, but Arkie's Grill and Katz's both have it on the menu all the time, I'm pretty sure. I did have some extremely excellent fried chicken at Luby's recently, so maybe you could try it.

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      thanks rudeboy........we broke down and had chicken fried chicken at Hoovers was freaking pretty much did the trick........but you're right....i completely forgot about Katz's....haven't been down there in ages...........

      we got blueberry cobbler to go as well...............hoping it's as good as the dinner was!

    2. Yes, Arkie's Grill on E. Cesar Chavez has it for lunch every Thursday. You get turkey, dressing, and three sides, and it is goooooood.

      1. Threadgills has a turkey and dressing special on Sundays I think. I checked the website and couldn't find the specials menu.

        1. Marie Callendar's restaurants have turkey and dressing. Haven't been in many years, but I love turkey and it wasn't bad. Katz's Deli has turkey and dressing and a hot turkey sandwich. Dot's Place in Pflugerville has chicken and dressing in their "home cooking" cafe. Lastly, my favorite for turkey and dressing or chicken pot pie is Mimi's Cafe. I love Mimi's. Great food and great decor!!!