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Aug 9, 2009 02:42 PM

Reuben sandwiches

A college friend who lives in Maine now is visiting next week. I asked if there was any food he missed and wanted to get in NY during his visit, and he complained that there is no good deli food where he lives and he is dying for a good reuben sandwich. I am a vegetarian so I am not sure about where to go, but I'd like to be able to recommend the best spot. Any tips?

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  1. Cafe Katja has an amazing rueben made with pork belly. Non-traditional, but fantastic.

    1. Katz's or Carnegie

      Katz's is my personal favorite but Carnegie has them too. Might be a longer line at Carnegie. I can't imagine a lover of Reubens being disappointed at either place.

      Are you accompanying your friend? I haven't the slightest idea what a vegetarian would eat at either of these places, knishes and pickles maybe?

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        katz's which makes a good reuben, does offer up potato pancakes, but i am not a fan. the fries are borderline excellent as are the pickles and the slaw. my former S.O drove out to the salt lick outside austin as a sweet gesture to me. and ate potato salad and a couple other things. i always admired that and admire you for your move here!

        1. re: david sprague

          Thanks guys! Katz's sounds great - if I can't find anything I'd like to eat there I can always grab something at Bereket or somewhere else nearby.

          1. re: VeggieBooty

            Katz will make a pastrami reuben for you if you wish.