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Aug 9, 2009 02:07 PM

Has anyone tried Setai's Miami Spice meal yet?

I haven't seen anyone post anything about the M.S. offering at the Setai. I would be interested in hearing feedback.


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  1. We tried Setai's M.S. menu on August 1 and had outstanding appetizers and main courses; the deserts were ordinary. Don't miss the pork belly if it's still on the M.S. menu (which changes weekly); it's better than the pork belly at Michael's. The service was excellent There are some almost reasonably priced wines on the Bottle Shock wine list, but be prepared for the automatic 20% service charge and the beach tourist tax; with a bottle of NZ Sauvignon Blanc, the Miami Beach tourist tax, and the service charge, the tab was $135 for two.

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    1. re: proflaw

      20 percent tax is added to the meal?
      Thanks for info on meal.

      1. re: andreama

        20 percent is a gratuity added to the check. There is no "tourist tax". There is an extra 2% resort tax on hotels, but should not be applied to restaurant bills.

        1. re: rockysobe

          There are additional taxes often added to resort restaurant bills. I've often wondered about it but rarely dine in local hotels. If I do, typically it's a restaurant that is not necessarily part of the hotel but rather a separate entity in the hotel.

          1. re: rockysobe

            Here's the Miami Beach Resort Tax ordinance:

            Sec. 102-307. Imposition of tax; rate.

            (a) There is hereby levied and there shall be paid a tax of three percent on the rent of every occupancy of a room or rooms in any hotel, motel, roominghouse, or apartment house in the city, and two percent upon the total sales price of all items of food, beverages, alcoholic beverages or wine sold at retail of any restaurant.

            A restaurant that does not charge the extra two percent tax violates that ordinance.

            Because the Setai is a hotel, it is subject to both the City of Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County's separate 3% resort taxes, and adds both to its restaurant bill, for an effective rate of 13% instead of 9%. To be sure it should only charge 9% tax, and you can try to talk your way down to 9%. Arguing with the restaurant staff over the proper interpretation of local tax law is a perfectly lovely way to end a nice meal.

      2. when my friends went last year, they ordered the Spice menu and were charged for the bread, and a ridiculously high price for the water. They ended up paying almost $100 per person. So I never get to dine there.

        Glad to know that they are not doing it this year.