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Al Dente in the north end

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We were walking around the north end last thursday checking out menus We looked at all the usual suspects. We couldn't decide. It was about 9:30. There were a few places that weren't too crowded. We decided to try an old favorite. Al Dente on Salem street. I haven't been here in years but i always liked it. I'm glad we tried it. It was one of the best dinners i've had in the north end in recent memory. The waitress (Angela?) Was fantastic. Made us feel right at home from the moment we stepped into the place. There were only a few tables full. We started with the eggplant rolintini. The sauce was very good and just the right amount of cheese inside. The bread was good. Basic italian but very fresh. The bread basket was never empty which is very important to us because we go through a lot of bread. For dinner i had the homemade gnocci in the bolognese. The were like little pillows from heaven. The sauce was excellent. I've had bolognese in a lot of places and this was one of my favorites. Gf had the sausage cacciatore. The sausage was cooked perfectly. The veggies were very fresh. It had peppers, onions, mushrooms and fresh rosemary. It was cooked in a wonderful plum tomato sauce. Once again a large portion. Gf is a good eater but the dog got some of hers. The dog had No luck with mine. It was all gone. The waitress was always nearby to refill the drinks. I was drinking sam adams (bottles only, no tap). The gf had a good house white wine. The glasses were never empty. At the end of the meal the waitress gave us some free limoncello. A very good dining experience.

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  1. Love Al Dente! Never have had super friendly service, though. It hasn't really mattered, and I suppose most times I have been have been very crowded, which could explain it. Anyway, I want to go now and try that sausage dish. Sounds good.

    1. I've always been an Al Dente fan. It seems a bit more old-school and less touristy than some of the other North End restaurants, and some of their dishes are pretty memorable, IMO (the chicken cannelloni is probably my favorite there, when it's available).

      1. I've had the chicken cannelloni. It's very good. I think i'll have it next time. Old school is the perfect way to describe Al Dente. That's the reason i like it so much.

        1. I remember literally (okay maybe not literally) being dragged in from the street by the owner, and then really liking the place.