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Aug 9, 2009 01:59 PM

Lids for Falk pans?

Hello all! I have been reading a lot of the old discussions on copper pans and am debt to the chowhound community. There is some great stuff posted here! I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy some falk pans (a few frying pans, maybe the saute pan, and maybe the try me piece). I was wondering, for all you Falk owners, how many of you bought the lids? I don't know how I feel about dropping up to $100 for a stainless steel lid (okay, so I know how I feel about it- i just don't want to do it!). Is it easy to find lids from other brands that fit (maybe things I can find on a trip to TJ Max?)? If so, any suggestions? I don't necessarily care about looks... Thanks!

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  1. Falk lids are brushed copper with a stainless steel lining. I always buy lids for any pot I buy. Yes, it hurts, but I have a thing about them looking good too.

    However, you should be able to use any European lid, as pots and pans made in Europe are made in standard sizes. Therefore, I find that my Demeyere, Paderno Grand Gourment, and Falk pans, which are all the same diameter, have interchangeable lids. I hear that Sitram lids work too, but I don't have a comparable size to test. If esthetics is not an issue for you, consider buying a SS lid from another European manufacturer. They should fit nicely, and they will probably be a fraction of the cost for a copper lid with a SS lining.

    Just be sure that you can return it, in case what there are exceptions to this rule.

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      The description of the lids, "a thin layer of copper on the surface and a thicker layer of stainless steel underneath for rigidity" gave me the impression that there was hardly any copper. How long have you had your pans long? Does copper look like it may ware off?

      1. re: jao204

        I think the lids are fine and that there is no danger of the copper wearing off. I have had my pans for a few years. I think this description is meant to contrast the lid construction versus the pot construction. Falk offers 2.5 cm of copper on their pots, (there might be an exception for the smallest pots) and then lines the pots with stainless steel, The steel layer is is thin enough to not affect the responsiveness of the copper pot, but seems more durable and less likely to scratch than my tin-lined Mauviel pieces. The lids, however, do not need 2.5 cm of copper, as these do not touch the burners and, if anything, should be designed to keep heat in the pot, rather than be a superconductor that pulls heat out. Therefore, the ratio of copper to steel lining is different on the lid. A 2.5 mm copper lid would be even more expensive than what they currently sell. I think the lids are decent, and although I have heard of people getting a bent lid shipped to them, I had no issues and would tell you that they do match the brushed finish of the pots nicely. Some people are surprised that the lids are not as thick as the pots, but I find them to be decently made. However, as I said, you should be able to use any other European manufacturer's lid in the same diameter in a stainless steel model, and save a little money if that is your preference.

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          Just took a look with a loupe at my 7" Falk lid...i'd say the copper is about 5x the thickness of the steel ..seems solidly made,no complaints at this size.
          Overall thickness is about the standard hi end SS lid.

    2. I think the Falk lids are excellent. They are heavy and seal tight and flat, keeping vapors inside the pot until pressure builds. They appear to be be made of exactly the same bi-metal as the pots themselves (2.5mm copper bonded to .008" stainless) with a cast iron handle (that gets quite hot in use!).

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        Huh?..the lids are not 2.5mm copper..maybe they're the same copper to steel ratio as the pans..they're no where near as thick..i'd say they're the thickness of a good SS lid.

      2. I’ve have nothing but Falk cookware in my kitchen for three years now. I bought lids with the cookware, one for each sauce pan, two 9.5” and one 11”, the lid for the 3.5 quart sauce pan fits the 8” frying pan. For the way I cook, that’s all I need.