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Aug 9, 2009 01:55 PM

SZECHUAN, oh Schezuan wherefore art thou!!!!

Now that we have lost our regular Chinese restaurant with the late and somewhat lamented Peter's closing recently...we are on the 'search' for a 'downtown' Szechuan where we can go at the last minute BUT also looking for an 'uptown' place for the times when we want to go with 3 or 4 other couples for a grand dinner out...Suggestions please....

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  1. Szechuan Legend is the best I've found.

    Szechuan Legend
    3280 Midland Ave, Toronto, ON M1V, CA

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      1. re: childofthestorm

        Szechuan Szechuan in 1st Canadian Place (I think) is an upscale place which will, very obligingly, send a waiter down to the street with your order so you can swoop by and pick it up in an area where parking is expensive and inconvenient. Good food.

        1. re: Bigtigger

          They are North American Szechuan, not very authentic.

      2. re: JonasBrand

        I found szechuan legend's quality going downhill but I've been there for dimsum more than I have for dinner. The last few times their dan dan mein was tasteless but the first 2 times I had it, it was great.

        Szechuan Legend has 2 more locations, I find the Richmond Hill one was pretty good. My favourite szechuan is behind Fantasy Eatery in scarborough. I don't know the name of the restaurant, just a hole in the wall directly behind Fantasy.

        1. re: szw

          While the first visit was the best of the bunch, several subsequent trips have been quite good... I heard the head chef is now with hot hot spicy spicy, or something along those lines... yet to try, but will report when I do.

          1. re: JonasBrand

            what about sichuan garden on spadina in chinatown? They do a really good Kung Pao chicken

            1. re: chillihigh

              I've had some very good meals at Sichuan Garden on Spadina. This is definitely the only authentic Sichuan restaurant in downtown Toronto.

      3. I have also been wondering where the best Szechuan is in Chinatown, since going to the burbs isn't often an option for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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        1. re: ms. cornbread

          The resto alluded to, by JonasBrand above, is Hot Spicy Spicy, in an all-Asian plaza on the northeast corner of Leslie and Finch, which has spruced up its menu recently. Be forewarned, though: some of its dishes are very, very hot, so the timid need not apply. It does a quite creditable hot and sour soup, which to me is an essential for a decent Szechuan dinner. The place is now much more consistent, and accessible to non-Asians, than it used to be. Good service, standard prices, some dishes well-executed, some less so (though still respectably done). If you've got a car but live downtown, it should be reasonably easy to get to by driving up Leslie or the Bayview Extension.

          Less easy to get to might be Szechuan Gourmet, on a plaza on the south side of Steeles Ave. W., just west of Bathurst St. Perhaps less authentic than Hot Spicy Spicy, but insanely popular with the local Jewish population. I stopped going because there was usually a wait for a table, and when you do at last get a table, you're invariably cheek-by-jowl with nearby tables. Also quite noisy. Best to go after 8:30 p.m., when things seem to thin out and quiet down. But the staff seems to handle everyone with aplomb. And the food's good. If you're still mourning Peter's closing, be aware that some of the dishes are quite similar to Peter's. But if you're downtown, it'll take a lot of effort up Bathurst St. to get there.

          1. re: juno

            JUNO....many thanks for the comprehensive post, "Hot, Spicy Spicy" sounds like a winner...To eat 'up north' at 8:30 p.m. is certainly not something we're up for(nor the cheek by jowl tables!)...I'm not actually 'mourning' Peter' just became something like "I'm too lazy to cook tonight, let's go to Peter's..a comfort not a destination".
            Will certainly check out your first still looking for downtown as well..We did try Xam Yu (? on Spadina) ordered Cantonese for a change and really enjoyed the 'Shrimp with Candied Walnuts" and an amazing 'Mango Chicken'...terrific for non spicy fare...

        2. yes I too need a Schezuan reco for Thurs night with Girlfriends,
          We miss Chung King at Spadina/Eg from years ago. Its gone, Hunan palace, ....whaaa. .
          Now where?
          Anywhere from Chinatown up to the 401, W of Yonge st. Need our crispy beef....reasonable , in a casual atmosphere...thanks

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          1. re: babinni

            From Chinatown to the 401, west of Yonge? I don't think so.

            There's Spadina Garden on Dundas west of Bay. They have the menu, but the food is nothing special. The other is Szechuan Szechuan in First Canadian Place, but their crispy beef is so sweet that it tastes candied.

            Chung King is in a mall just north of Pacific Mall in Markham - I can't remember the name they use there. Nice people, nice place, good menu, but I get the "white guy treatment" there every time.

            Paul's Deep Sea Shantung...whaaa-whaaa....

          2. If you want totally authentic szechuan, try Chinese Beef & Lamb House on Sheppard. This is a muslim chinese restaurant, definitely not for tourists. They specialise in Uighur cuisine, largely lamb as the name suggests, but there is a fair representation of genuine szechuan dishes as well and when I say genuine, I mean brain bending. Service is good, menu is fascinating and it is thoroughly worth a try.

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            1. re: munchieHK

              That is where this months chow meet is planned for.

              1. re: munchieHK

                Chinese Beef & Lamb House is nothing like the Szechuan food that I have been accustomed to .(never been to Szechuan).
                It is not as refined, but it was cheap and fun.
                I would never think of returning.

                1. re: erly

                  I have been to Sichuan province several times and I can promise you that this is as close to the street food there as you are likely to find. Most 'Szechuan' places in the West are just spicy chop suey joints. They bear no relation to the real thing.

              2. Do any of these Szechuan restaurants listed have crispy rice soup, or crispy rice dish? (Rice that has been deeped fried and then poured with sauce to make a crackling sound).

                I have tried Hot Spicy Spicy and saw fried rice on the menu, wasnt sure if that is what im looking for. Champion House on Dundas used to serve this dish.

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                1. re: jdavis2ca

                  No, not fried rice, that means stir fried. It's probably called sizzling rice or puffed rice. Mandarin name is "guo ba".

                  BTW this puffed rice is sold in packages, you can probably heat it up in the oven and do the same treatment at home.