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Need a dinner recommendation for Reading, PA

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I am going to be heading up to Reading next Saturday. I will be going up the PA Turnpike (from the Norristown area) to Reading and am looking for a good place for an early dinner at around 4:30pm. We are looking for something with entrees in the $15-$18 range or less and are looking for something right in Reading. As far as cuisine, the only thing we don't really like is chinese food and sushi. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. I don't live in Reading, but when there, my husband and I enjoy the Peanut Bar. Entrees may be a little pricier than what you are looking for, but there will be things on the menu in that range. A very casual, fun, place, but with good food.


    1. I have always liked Judy's on Cherry when I have driven through Reading.

        1. I always liked the 3rd and Spruce Cafe. A nice gastropub in West Reading.


          1. My son and DIL live in Reading. They recommend Judy's, The Speckled Hen & Bistro 614. Judy's would be my DIL's first choice. She thinks Bistro 614 is a little pricier. Here are the links:

            Judy's on Cherry: http://www.judysoncherry.com/
            The Speckled Hen: http://www.speckledhenpub.com/
            Bistro614: The only web site I could find is www.bistro614.com Not sure what the problem is, but the site isn't working for me.

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              Thanks to all for the recommendations. I will be sure to report back on Sunday and let you know how it worked out. Thanks again!

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                I just wanted to report back to everyone.

                We were going to go to Judy's on Cherry or Speckled Hen but they did not start serving until 5pm and we needed to be somewhere by 6pm. So, we ended up going to the Peanut Bar. Both of our meals were really excellent and the service was very efficient. We ended up having the crab cakes and the chicken cordon bleu medallions and both were delicious. Thanks again for the recommendation.